Introduction: Battery Fire Starter

Step 1: Pick 2 of Any Kind of Battery

Step 2: Get Some Steel Wool

Step 3: Put Batteries Together

You can tape them together in the middle to make it easier to hold if you wish.

Step 4: Apply Steel Wool to Both Ends of Batteries

You may to blow on it to get it to catch on fire and then you can put it with your kindling or put it under your fire set up.

Step 5: Fire :)


historicrain (author)2014-01-28

this is super dangerous but very cool

PathroseA (author)historicrain 2016-10-07

man this so going to fire up my lab

jbrown145 (author)2014-01-28

work's 100% better with a 9 volt battery and you only need one and no tape required..

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