Step 3: The Shutdown Prank

Picture of The Shutdown Prank
This prank makes it so that when your victim clicks on a certain shortcut, the computer throws a scary message and then shuts down. First, right click on the desktop. Then highlight new and click Shortcut. Copy and paste this text into the box that pops up, replacing the text in quotation marks with your custom message.

shutdown -s -t 25 -c "Your Message Goes Here"

When you've done that, click next. When it asks you what to name it, call it Firefox or some other familiar program. Now, right click on the new shortcut you made and click properties. Next. click Change Icon. Now, go over the REAL Firefox or whatever you chose and right click on it and click on properties, and then change icon. In the Firefox one, you should see 2 or 3 firefox icons. Copy the path from it and paste it in the Change Icon box of your prank shortcut. Select the same icon as the real firefox, then delete the shortcut to the real firefox. Now, wait for the victim to click on Firefox.

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5hockwave2 years ago
The shutdown prank is my favorite. Really cool. Nice job.