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Hey! It's me again. This my instructable on how to make a supper easy hair bow, you can use an sewing mackine or by hand.
You can customise this to your ideal size, style etc.
First collect your equipment:
-Some fabric (I used some scrap material from an old chambray shirt, so it's pretty lightweight, you could easily use something more sturdy if you want)
-Pins (not really necessary)
-Dressmakers measuring tape

I also just want to say I do not think this the best way to make this but this is the way always do it and works fine for me so I hope it works for you too!

Step 1: Measure

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Cut 2 rectangular peices of fabric of about 8" x 5.5", I usually don't bother measuring I just estimate but for this instructable I've measured.
jenia #17 months ago
I made the loop smaller but this instructables is awesome!!
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Emmy27869 months ago
I added interfacing to mine because my fabric wasn't very stiff and hot glued it to a hair comb. This was perfect for my provincial Belle costume for Halloween this year. Thanks for posting!
I wish I could do it I'm not that good at sewing lol
that is too cute and seems super easy. can't wait to try it out