Super Easy Hair Bow

Hey! It's me again. This my instructable on how to make a supper easy hair bow, you can use an sewing mackine or by hand.
You can customise this to your ideal size, style etc.
First collect your equipment:
-Some fabric (I used some scrap material from an old chambray shirt, so it's pretty lightweight, you could easily use something more sturdy if you want)
-Pins (not really necessary)
-Dressmakers measuring tape

I also just want to say I do not think this the best way to make this but this is the way always do it and works fine for me so I hope it works for you too!

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Step 1: Measure

Picture of Measure
Cut 2 rectangular peices of fabric of about 8" x 5.5", I usually don't bother measuring I just estimate but for this instructable I've measured.

Step 2: Sew

Picture of Sew
-Sew along three edges of these two peices together
-Leave one side open
-Turn it inside out

Step 3: Sew Final Side

Picture of Sew Final Side

This bit is a bit hard.
-Fold the edges of the open side inside
-Pin it here if you need
-Sew along this edge

Step 4: Make the loop

-Cut a new peice of fabric, about " x "
-Fold in the sides and pin if you need to
-sew along these edges
-Fold over this strip and pin if you need
-Sew across, about 1cm from the bottom

Step 5: Assemble

Picture of Assemble
This bit is the best bit! It all comes together.
-First I fold the rectangle in half then back on itself (I hope the picture explains it better than me)
-This gives it that cute bow look, I think anyway
-Then just push through the loop and adjust it so it looks good

Step 6: Try it on

Picture of Try it on
I usually thread a plastic hairband throught it but you can also use a hair clip to attach it.
Then try it on your head
Decide if you like it on top, to the side etc.

I hope you enjoyed that and I would love to see phots if anyone tries it!

I wish I could do it I'm not that good at sewing lol
that is too cute and seems super easy. can't wait to try it out

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