Picture of Super Easy Hovercraft
Hovercrafts are very easy to make and they can be constructed with several household items.They are not very time consuming and are overall fun!

Step 1: Materials list

-4'x4' piece of plywood
-2 fender washers
-a 2 inch bolt 14/20
-a nut 1/4-20
-heavy plastic sheet/tarp
-small plastic disk
-hole saw
-jig saw
-leaf blower
-staple gun
-razor knife
-smooth surface
-duct tape
-razor knife or scissors

Step 2: Shape the wood/drill holes

-using a jig saw cut the wood into your desired shape,a circle or a square with rounded off corners works best, you don't want to keep the sharp edges because they can pose a safety hazard

-find the exact center of the wood and then drill a 5/16 inch hole

-make a hole that will be big enough for the leaf blower nozzle to fit, this hole should be located halfway between the center and the edge to do so use a hole saw

Step 3: Attach the plastic sheet/tarp

Picture of attach the plastic sheet/tarp
-place your wood in the center of the plastic/sheet tarp you are using and fold over the edges

-staple the tarp to the wood placing a staple every 4 inches and make sure the tarp is tight but not too tight because then when you try it out it will tear

-to reinforce the tarp duct tape the egdes to make sure no air escapes

Step 4: Attaching the plastic disk

Picture of attaching the plastic disk
-poke a hole in the center of your plastic disk large enough to fit the bolt through

-place a fender washer over the bolt and then put the bolt through the plastic disk ,then put it through the 5/16 inch hole in the wood

-put another fender washer over the bolt then take the nut and tighten onto the bolt using a wrench

Step 5: Cutting vent holes

Picture of cutting vent holes
-Use the razor knife or scissors to cut six vent holes in the plastic sheet/tarp that are 2 inches in diameter,place them within a few inches of the lid and evenly space out the holes

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can you use a hair dryer ?
What type/model leaf blower did you use?
you can use any type above 120mph winds i used a homelite from home depot for $30