Hi, I have made this instructable to show everyone a super easy way to make your own prosthetics for cosplay, Halloween, Or just facial features in general...

I personally made the facial features of the Joker From 'Arkham Asylum'

Ps, The attached image is from Arkham City, Not Arkham Asylum, I am stating this because I dont need people correcting me :D

Step 1: You Will Need...

So for this build you will need a few things, If you can improvise then do so, but if not then this works great.

You well need...
  • Plaster of paris Bandages...
  • Good Quality air setting clay (Make sure to not buy some kids play stuff, its rubbish, go to an art shop and you should have some more luck)
  • A big bag of Plaster of Paris
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Plastic bags
  • Water - You may have some trouble finding this... :D
  • Some carving tools help
  • A jar of liquid latex (Can be found at most art shops)
  • Jar of Vaseline 
  • Cotton Buds
What purpose do the cotton balls serve?
What puroeedo the xoton balls serve?<br>
Looks good but that's A screen shot from Arkham City
Fantastic powers of observation Watson, 10 Points to ravenclaw!!
hmm how come it the contests wont let me enter my old instructable.. but it let you enter yours?.. bad ass prostetics by the way
You might want to move this to the Epic Costume contest rather than the Easy costume. Nice 'ible, though. Thanks!
Any chance you have pics of the prosthesis being used? I'd love to see it. Also, any status update on your Assassin's Creed: Revelations costume instructable?
Hey, sure, I finally Got to use them :D didnt turn out the greatest un fortunetely, but still was wicked affect.<br><br><br>And the revelations is still on hold as I am between jobs at the moment, However I will be putting up the party rock box head robot costume within a month :D
any photos of the prosthesis applied?
Hey, Not yet sorry, I will Update when I have, sub me and you should find out when its done.<br><br>I am currently out of latex foam so I can not show finished product, And the gel pieces I made don't work well with body warmth.
Maybe make a second instructable for it, for how to apply them in detail?

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