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I enjoy giving my home various pieces to make it look different once in a while. Mirrors help me achieve this and bring a lot of light inside my home. I used a very old tray I bought in a garage sale for $1.50 dollars and made it look way more expensive than that. My mirror had pointy corners so I asked a friend that's an expert cutting glass to make them round to fit better.

Step 1: Materials

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Old tray

Sanding sponge

Mirror to fit the inside of the tray

Cold silicon

Spray primer

Gold spray paint (or any other color)

Self adhesive rhinestones (optional)

Step 2: Sand

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Use your sanding block (or just a regular sand paper) all over the tray to get a smooth surface. This will make the tray get very dusty so you'll have to clean it afterwards and let it dry.

Step 3: Primer

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Use the spray primer in all your frame. Give it an even layer and let it dry perfectly.

Step 4: Gold

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Now use your gold spray paint and paint the frame with it. I chose gold but you can use any color you want.

Paint two layers and let it dry between each.

Step 5: Glue Mirror

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Put a line of cold silicon inside the tray. Place your mirror with the reflective side facing out and press it down from all the sides. Let it dry for 3 hours before hanging.

I use an easel to hold it but if you want to hang it in a wall you can also add alligator hooks behind the tray with cold silicon.


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