Super Easy Nacho Cheese Sauce

Picture of Super Easy Nacho Cheese Sauce

This nacho cheese sauce is extremely easy to make, I've been making it since I was little, and only takes around fifteen minutes. It's perfect for having some friends over, family gatherings, or just watching the big game.  It always goes pretty fast, so make sure to make a little extra when you have a lot of people over!

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I had to add salt and some hot sauce to this as I found it to be very bland. The hot sauce added a much needed zip more reminiscent of nacho cheese for me. I'm still searching for that ball park nacho sauce.

eric.yan.984 months ago

can you switch the velveeta with american cheese?

dward152 years ago
What is the benefit of making a roux first?
Why not just melt the velveeta down?
(serious question)
If you just melt the cheese, it will harden when it cools down again (let's say you made a lot and you want to keep some in the fridge). Making the cheese sauce from the Bechamel (roux + milk) allows the cheese to stay fluid when it cools down. Of course, the thickness of the sauce will depend on how much "roux to liquid" ratio you used.
bman20113 years ago
Drain,salt, and add to the chesse some rotel, and it makes the chesse sauce have small pits of chilis in it. My family loves it, but make sure the rotel is not too hot
bigmama10794 years ago
Well done, but... Velveeta? I'm not a cheese snob, but processed cheese just has this terrible metallic taste to it. Maybe it's just me...

Either way, thanks for the 'ible
aeray4 years ago
Good work. One small correction though: "roux" is the correct spelling. I'm going to have to go forage in the kitchen now because this 'able has made me hungry.
madhops0620 (author)  aeray4 years ago
Thanks for the correction, I knew it looked wrong, I just couldn't seem to find the correct spelling anywhere.