Step 2: Cut and Prep the Straw

If your straw has a flexible joint, cut that off.
Then, squish the straw by pressing it against the table, counter, or any other surface. It will need to be pretty flat. Next, take your scissors and cut the sides off of the squished end of the straw, at a diagonal.
This piece will vibrate in your mouth, causing the buzz effect.
After playing the saxaphone for so many years, so it was hard to play it unlike a sax
that would be known as a double reed instrument. the flaps are the reeds in this case.. it is similar to the oboe or the bagpipes. No I do not play either instrument, I play trombone (at the best musical school in Quebec). Why am I saying this? good question...
i play a single reed instrument =D<br/>
Canada Rox!
Cool!! Thanks
What a cool thing to make!
My roommate and I are on a quest to do five i'bles before bed. This was #2. Thanks!
Cool! Let me know what you thought.
could like a little kids straw work? the kind with all the bends and loops and stuff?
They probably would work, as long as they are flexible enough to vibrate. Sounds cool!
if you can explain, ill try to help.
this doesnt work wast of time

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