Step 1: Materials

Square piece of paper, patience, 5-1min

Step 2: Boxxx

Fold the paper in half so there is a rectangle. Fold the same way again. Unfold and repeat to the other direction. Unfold and there should be 4 rows of squares. Take the outer rows and fold them in. Fold each corner down evenly, making sure to leave some space towards the middle. Fold up the extra space onto the triangles that are on the same side. Repeat for the other half. Gently pull out on where the triangles were on all four corners.(be sure not to undo the folding). Then, make creases between each triangle and you should start to see the box forming!! Keep creasing until itlooks like a box!

Step 3: The End

That's it! Teach it to your friends or tell them to check out this instructable(; Follow and favorite!! --moskiii13
<p>terrible instructions</p>
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