Introduction: Super Easy Solar Heated Balloon

Solar Balloon is a fun game to play with your kids. It also is very educational. You can either buy it from here or you can simply build it yourself. I’ve done this project in my week end in less than half an hour. You can make too. Thank you for reading my instructable.

Step 1: ​Theory

As air gets hot it gets less dense than colder air so it moves upward. Hot air balloons work using hot air to float. Hot air balloons use gas to make hot air.

Solar Balloons use only Sun light to make the air inside the balloon hot. The Solar Balloon is made of dark material that absorbs heat from Sun light and the air inside gets much hotter that the air outside. You can find this for yourself and make a fun educational experiment for your kids.

Step 2: Collect Stuff

Step 3: Cut the Bags Bottoms

Start by cutting the plastic bags bottoms to open them from both sides. You’ll need to cut 3 plastic bags ( if you are using a total of 5 bags ) If you are using 6 bags, you need to cut 4 bags bottoms. And so on.

Step 4: ​Build Your Solar Balloon

Now that you have the bags opened from top and bottoms except two bags only, you need to tape all plastic bags together to make the balloon. Tape the plastic bags together using the tape roll to assemble a trail of bags.

Starting with a closed bag from one side and ending with the other closed bag. Just make the bags straight from there edges and put the tape on them until you finish all bags.

Try to make the tape air tight. Now you have a black Solar Balloon made of row of plastic bags closed from both sides.

Step 5: ​Put Some Air Into the Balloon and Operate

Make a small hall into the top corner edge of on the first plastic bag and put the hose of the air pump into it. Pump the air into balloon until there is enough air inside. Don’t try to over pressurize the balloon as that might cause it to be cut. Now you can put the balloon into a sunny place and feel the hot air inside the balloon that makes it floating just as you expected. That makes a beautiful and fun yet educational toy for the kids and adults. I’m sure you’ll like it much.

Thank you for reading my instructable.

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