Here is a super easy way to peel a banana

Step 1: Materials Needed :

You will need :

  • A Banana
  • A Knife

Step 2: Pick Up Banana

1. Hold the banana in your hand with the stem facing up

Step 3: Cut a Slit in the Stem of the Banana Peel

1. Hold the banana in one hand

2. Pick up the knife with your other hand

3. Cut a slit in the stem of the banana peel

  • Be careful not to cut the stem off completely

Step 4: Peel Banana

1. Pull the stem in the opposite directed of the slit you just cut

  • Now you should now be able to peel the rest of the banana very easily

<p>You're peeling it upside down. As humans we ALL peel banana's upside down. The truly easy way to peel a banana is the same way chimps have been doing so for millennia, peel it from the brown 'spot' we perceive as the bottom - no knives necessary and they peel very easily.</p><p>That said, good post and well documented.</p><p>Have fun</p>
<p>Very easy!</p>

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