Super Fast Super Hero Emblem


Introduction: Super Fast Super Hero Emblem

super fast Super Hero emblem! with just a few days left run to Wal-Mart. pick up some neodymium magnets, craft foam, and craft foam letters!

Step 1: Cut the Back

cut the shape you want for the back. I choose a shield shape but you be you.

Step 2: This Step Was Intentionally Left Blank

Step 3: Glue the Letters

there is sticky pads on the back but I put some super glue anyway... So that it's super strong!

Step 4: Glue a Pair Neodymium Magnet on the Back

Now you can have another magnet.. or just a piece of metal under your shirt and it will stay!

Step 5: All Done

faster than a speeding train!

Step 6:



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