Super Healthy Fatty Bars





Introduction: Super Healthy Fatty Bars

This healthy bar is a great midday pick-me-up. It also works good as an airport snack or just a snack in general, because let's face it, who isn't hungry before lunchtime.

Step 1: Ingredients

For this health bomb, you will need:


  • dates (can be replaces with dry apricots or raisins, but eww! who likes raisins anyway)
  • almonds (replace with nuts of your choice)


  • coconut oil
  • aronia juice

Here you can customise, if you want. Get creative - honey, coconut milk...


  • green tea Matcha
  • Chlorella & Spirulina (better in powder form)
  • coconut flakes

This can also be customised, some suggestions; cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla...

Step 2: Make the Base

Mix dates. Mix almonds, Spirulina and Chlorella. Add Matcha green tea powder. Add coconut oil and aronia juice, so it becomes sticky.

It does help that you have a good food processor, not one that makes sounds like it is going to die in the middle of this process. tep

Step 3: Prepare Nice Packaging

Packaging can be a cellophane bag and it is proven that bars taste better if they come with a nice message.

Step 4: Squish It, Squish It Real Good

Name of the Step 4 says it all.

Step 5: Sprinkle Little Love

The bars will be very sticky, that is why it is good to sprinkle them with coconut flakes, after they are formed into a desired shape.

Step 6: Don't Eat All at Once

Or do. You know, whatever floats your boat.



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    16 Discussions

    Sounds good! Can you tell me more about Aronia juice? What dose it taste like? I am not familiar with it.

    2 replies

    It tastes a bit bitter. Like grape juice, but no so good. Less sweet and more bitter. But it is beneficial (this is copied from another site): very high levels of anthocyanins and flavonoids, five to ten times higher than cranberry juice, with beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants, polyphenols, minerals and vitamins (that may include compounds that specifically fight cancer and cardiac disease).

    I mean this days then say so many things fight illness, but I just like to drink it as one of the stuff that will help me age nicer :)

    Thanks for the info! Your right that everything is good for you now a days, unless you eat 10 tons of it, then it causes cancer or something. All things in moderation I guess. I will have to find some of this stuff and make the bars. Still sounds good to me!

    It's really not that healthy hence the "fatty" in the title... Eat an apple.

    Hey Tim, it is a myth that eating fats is unhealthy. Of course I am not talking about double fried french fries or half an inch of margarine slapped on bread. But eating good fat is essential to our health. That is why food like avocados, nuts and “fatty fish” are considered good for you.

    This bar is just fat and sugar. It's horrendously high in calories. Eating a bar of dark chocolate can be considered as healthy as eating this. You're much better off eating oily fish which is much less calorie dense. This is highly processed food and much more easily absorbed by the body. I'm not a nutritionist but the key is moderation here. It's a snack but it's not healthy.

    do your research before commenting on something you don't know anything about…
    apples have sugar too. the only thing I see here with any sugar, (and let's face it, just about everything has sugar in some form) are the dates. just about all of the ingredients listed, are healthy fats… fat your body needs for protecting your body from the inside out. also, if all you have are negative comments, just don't comment. no need to slam anyone for sharing something with others. if you don't like it, move on, and keep debbie downer to yourself.

    I take it you've not spent several years studying nutrition. Do to nerve damage and loss of appetite from a bad hernia surgery causing me to slowly drop down to 103 pounds(@6'1"). Eating over 70 percent of my calories from animal fat I have gained over 40 pounds so far(waist of 30", 1.5 more than when I was 103) dropped my bloodpresser from very high to well within the normal range. I also dropped my cholesterol by 25 percent from 201 to 149. All without any meds.

    You need to stop quoting all the old research, much of which has been proven to be wrong and some proven downright fraudlant.
    Now asni said in my other post, sugar is the devil. But that is mostly because it spikes your insulin hormone. Fat however greatly slows down how fast your body absorbs sugar(as do the great amount of nutrients in all the ingredients) so your insulin will stay pretty stable.

    Google the "world health organization saturated fat studies" and "Ansel Keys 7 countries study lies"

    Now sure you can't eat 10,000 calories worth of anything and not get fat unless you work out like Micheal Phelps, but as as long as you keep your total calories in check, this IS quite healthy indeed. There's also a reason why it is well documented that people on the Atkins diet drop their cholesterol levels. Because its the refined carbs that cause it into go up so high. BTW you can also Google "health benefits of high cholesterol" whike your at it. Its not the total number that will kill you, in fact it is now known that higher levels are good for you, as long as your ratios are right. Oh, and we learned back in the 50's that eating cholesterol( which only comes from animals) does almost nothing to increase your cholesterol levels.

    It would take me a hundred pages to reteach you all the wrong dietary information passed as fact, which was started by the aforementioned Ansel Keys. So study those 3 search terms and relearn what you have learned wrong.

    Newer and better research methods are fast knocking down the old ideas of animal fats being bad for you at all. Studies collected by the WHO covering 41 countries show that the more saturated animal fat a country consumes the lower the coronary heart disease rate is. Likewise new and better studies have shown that having a higher cholesterol level is actually beneficial, especcialy to women over 50. It's the radio of good to d cholesterol that's important, not the total amount, and its eating the man made fats that screw up the ratio and let the bad take over.

    Not arguing that fatty foods aren't good for you in moderation but this is high fat, calorie dense and highly processed fat. Then you add in loads of sugary food and oily nuts. A small square or two a week may be healthy (moderation) but you'd be better off with unprocessed healthy food. Eating a bar of this and calling it healthy is fooling yourself.

    I like raisins...

    step six is best step XD