Super Hero Cake Pops

Picture of Super Hero Cake Pops

What is it about Father's Day that makes finding the perfect gift such a challenge? This year instead of another patterned tie or pair of slippers, melt your super Dad's heart with these Super Hero Cake Pops made especially for him!

Supplies for Super Hero Cake Pops

To make Super Hero Cake Pops you will need:
• Cake pops on sticks, made from your favorite cake pop recipe
• Blue candy melts
• Red soft eating liquorice or Fruit Roll Ups
• Red disco dust
• Meringue powder
• A small, food-safe paint brush
• A styrofoam block or cake pop stand
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Step 1:

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Start by cutting your Fruit Roll Ups or liquorice into the shapes of super hero capes and chest emblems. Fold the narrower edge of the cape upward so that it will attach to your cake pops. (If you are using liquorice, you will need to flatten the candy with a rolling pin before cutting your shapes.)

Step 2:

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Create a mixture of half meringue powder and half water. Use a small food-safe paint brush to apply a light coating of the mixture to your capes and chest emblems. Before the coating dries, sprinkle the shapes with disco dust to add some super hero sparkle. After the coating dries, gently shake off any excess disco dust and get ready to dip your cake pops.

Wow amazing my little cuz loved those (author)  ilovemydogx1 year ago
Thank you!
contom10271 year ago
this looks good
I love that. How did you come up with that (author)  Jade o gator1 year ago
Thanks, Jade! I just knew I wanted to make some super hero themed treats for Fathers Day and started brainstorming. I made these cake pops and Super Dad chocolate sugar cookies.
wold6301 year ago
I love the cape on the back! Cute idea.

Can you use icing or the melts to put an 'S' over the dust? Would it stick? (author)  wold6301 year ago
@world360 I think that would work just fine.