Super iPod pillowcase that plays music and looks like an Apple IPod but is 50 times bigger than Apple iPod. With your completed Super IPod, you will be able to change songs and adjust the volume because the "Super IPod" uses an already hacked mp3 player. :-O

Tech D.I.Y. (http://techdiy.blogspot.com/) encourages mothers to learn about technology with their kids in ways that are simple and fun. The kits and instructions teach electronic crafts and have solid engineering lessons behind them.

Step 1: Super IPod : Materials

- one large white fabric sheet 31" x 40"
- one gray fabric sheet 21" x 12"
- one white felt sheet 5"x 1 1/2"
- one gray felt sheet 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"
- ten black felt sheets 2" x 2"
- five purple felt sheets 2" x 2"
- ten conductive fabric sheets 3" x 1/2"($16.25 line/ft)
(You can buy the small size of "Zelf" conductive fabric from Less EMS)
- handmade felt wires
(They are attached to two thin and long conductive pieces of fabric on the felt. You can make the handmade wires by yourself, check "How to make fabric wires".)
- an already hacked mp3 player ($15 COBY mp3 player at J&R)
(This hacked mp3 player consists of a base and the electronics of the mp3 player and it can be detached from the pillowcase because the snaps on the base and the mp3 player allow the mp3 player to separate. You can hack the mp3 player yourself by following instructions "How to hack mp3 player" "How to make detachable mp3 player kit". )
- one super bright LED
(To indicate the mp3 player is on and working, you need one super bright LED. We put this in the mp3 player in the kit.)
- conductive thread($15 per spool)
(Conductive thread can convey current and regular thread won't.)
- regular thread
- a sewing needle
- fabric glue
- a piece of chalk or a pencil
- a pair of scissors
- a multi-meter (to check the continuity of current, optional)

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