Step 3: Super IPod : How to Make Soft Fabric Switch

Now we will make five soft fabric switches to control an mp3 player. I got the information to make this switch from Leah Buechley's electronic sewing kit instructions.

1. Cut the felt and attach the conducting fabric on it
The first of all, you need to cut ten square pieces of black felt and 5 square pieces of purple felt which are 3"x3". Attached a piece of conductive fabric in the middle of the black fabric using fabric glue. Leave little bit margin when you attach the fabric.

2. Make a hole on the pieces of purple felt
Fold a piece of purple felt diagonally. Cut the middle part of the piece to make a hole which is 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch

3. Glue them together
Glue a piece of black felt and attach with conductive fabric to a piece of purple felt. Then, attach another piece of black felt (which has an opposite side of the conductive fabric wing) to the other side of the purple felt.

How the fabric switch works
When you press the switch through the hole of the middle part of the felt or fabric, the conductive fabric on the outside is connected and makes a path for flowing electricity. So, the electricity can flow from a side of conductive fabric to the other side of conductive fabric. This is the same way a regular switch works.

Tip: Testing the switch
If you have a multi-meter, you can check to see if the switch is working. When you press the switch, you should see the result of connection.
i dont know if anyone else noticed, but the play button is backwards
<p>Inverted picture on iphone. Enof said?</p>
OMG this is awesome man sweet now you need to make a pillow case that lloks like a phone and works like a phone
OMG&nbsp;OGM&nbsp;OMG or even better a phone shaped like a pillow HOLY&nbsp;CRAP<br /> <br />
&nbsp;i would buy that
I'm not selling the kit - Super iPod anymore. Sorry. But, I can help you to finding the material and making the project. If you have any question, please let me know. Sun~<br />
im the 36800th viewer!
can't you tell us some other site where you can get the kit ? this one doesn't have anymore, they got sold out.
sorry, I don't have a plan to make a kit yet. Please, check material page and you can find some sources to get the kit materials.
Can you use normal wires instead of felt wires?
I think you can use normal wires but it breaks out easily when you move fabric of the iPod pillow
What an awesome project! Great job!
I already have one of those. I was selling magazines for my school, and the 5 subscriptions sold prize was a giant ipod pillow, complete with speakers and all. It has like pushable buttons and stuff. But still NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE JOB!
at my school 5 subscriptons get's you a bounce ball and 100 gets you alarm clock cd player
and 30 gets you a chance to win a wii
wow, im sorry but thats terrible. at my school, when we would sell two of these huge books full of coupons for $20 each, we would get a package of bic pens. also terrible...
i was thinking of using an ipod remote and implant it into the couch
i made one.there cool
Did you buy my kit or prepare materials by yourself? Could you share the picture of your Super iPod? Sun
Very excited about trying this out. Is it washable though?
doubt it lol
That's sooooooo coool!!
Thats REALLY cool but supersize earbuds would complete it, such as the ones here:<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.thinkgeek.com/computing/speakers/a254/">http://www.thinkgeek.com/computing/speakers/a254/</a><br/>
YES! I saw this and immediatley thought of those.
The website dosn't have anymore! : (
please, visit <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.techdiy.org/">http://www.techdiy.org/</a><br/>or, <a rel="nofollow" href="http://techdiy.blogspot.com/.">http://techdiy.blogspot.com/.</a><br/>
how about adding a ipod dock connector so you have the full functionality of the ipod, maybe even a click wheel
Could be easily implimented by buying the ipod side of the dock connector and tapping into the USB Pins. This would make it truly awesome. If someone was to engineer a huge verson of the connector, I would be truly impressed! Just autocad the connector and standard size and scale it 1:50 or something...
You got your play button backwards..... Still really cool though, id love one xD
but there is no way to go to another playlist or artist/album. o well, cant have everything. next up from you: a sweater with speakers in it!
with those mp3 players they dont have almost any features like the apple ipod, only 1 playlist, thats it
already invented lol
Does this ipod pillow-case use touch sensitive buttons?
Exactly, it is not button. I used soft fabric switches. Please, read step 7 instruction to make the fabric switches. :-)
Amazing work !!
This is really cool! I am going to try to make it! :)
I love it. It'd be great to get my younger cousins interested in electronics but is there any possibility of shipping to Australia anytime in the near future? Otherwise I might just have to give the hacking a go myself.
thank you for the good idea my cousin will love this for xmas
This is very cool... but there is no volume control.
There is volume control. if you press "+" on the dial or "-" , you can change the volume. :-)
Oh wow... I'm dumb... it's awesome!
Great instructable. Would it be possible to use speakers in this connected from the headet of an mp3 player?
Sure, this is the same way to use regular mp3 player.
look at the play/pause switch its backwards lol
I didn't know I attached "play/pause"switch is wrong. Thanks for letting me know. :-) I will fix it later.
np glad 2 help and good job btw
Cool idea. But .. do you really need to solder in BOTH parts of every switch? Most electronics have a common ground for all the switches .. could prevent damage to the player from oversoldering as well as speeding up the project.
I tried to find common ground of the switches to control power, but it was hard to figure it out. The PCB board is very complicate to find some functions I want to hack. If anyone find a good solution to control common ground, let me know. ;-O
LOL! This is incredible! :-D Congrats on the featuring!

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