Step 3: Super IPod : How to make soft fabric switch

Now we will make five soft fabric switches to control an mp3 player. I got the information to make this switch from Leah Buechley's electronic sewing kit instructions.

1. Cut the felt and attach the conducting fabric on it
The first of all, you need to cut ten square pieces of black felt and 5 square pieces of purple felt which are 3"x3". Attached a piece of conductive fabric in the middle of the black fabric using fabric glue. Leave little bit margin when you attach the fabric.

2. Make a hole on the pieces of purple felt
Fold a piece of purple felt diagonally. Cut the middle part of the piece to make a hole which is 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch

3. Glue them together
Glue a piece of black felt and attach with conductive fabric to a piece of purple felt. Then, attach another piece of black felt (which has an opposite side of the conductive fabric wing) to the other side of the purple felt.

How the fabric switch works
When you press the switch through the hole of the middle part of the felt or fabric, the conductive fabric on the outside is connected and makes a path for flowing electricity. So, the electricity can flow from a side of conductive fabric to the other side of conductive fabric. This is the same way a regular switch works.

Tip: Testing the switch
If you have a multi-meter, you can check to see if the switch is working. When you press the switch, you should see the result of connection.

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