video Super LED flashligh 1800 lumen
how to make a very powerful led flashlight. using 2 ssc-p7 the most powerful LEDs. put your sun glass on for this one. about 1800 lumen . get leds at http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.12721~r.87047508
jduffy542 years ago
those actually arent the most powerful LEDs you can get, heck, not even on DX.com alone!. The CREE XM-L line has some that extend over 1000lm each and at the same 3.6V. They're slightly more impressive, and more efficient.

Also, your biggest issue was not adressed: heat. These LEDs will cook themselves in seconds if not properly cooled, and these are not. Im guessing that's a steel box. Steel has something like one sixth the heat dissipation of aluminum, and even aluminum would need about 20in^2 of surface to cool the LEDs. The box probably doesn't heat much because of the low thermal conductivity of steel.
Plus, a lach of driver or limiting resistors of any kind means that an overcharged 18650 battery will put significantly more power into the LEDs than they should take.
In other words, that light is probably burnt out by now. Or at least severly output-reduced.
jester_rob5 years ago
Showing it illuminating an object at say 100 ft in the dark, don't just show us you pointing the LEDs at the camera.
Syntec10396 years ago
How is it you come to calculate 1800 lumens when the LEDs are rated to a maximum of 900 lumens each assuming 4.2V @ 2.8A. You would be hard pressed to get that out of two AA cell batteries regardless of what controller board you used. Maybe you could revise those numbers a little and provide some details on the components used.
yah definetly
DiXX Syntec10396 years ago
These are 18650 Liion cells dude. A bit different. But still, you are right to recalculate it, because only the best pieces has 900 lm, the average ones are ussualy about 750-800lm.
Those aren't AA batteries.
junits156 years ago
OMG! you got those parts off of dealextreme! I love dealextreme!
LiporXT6 years ago
it's so cool! really cool...wow...where have you found the ssc-p7 led?electronic shop?
Scott_Tx6 years ago
You can get most of the parts from dealexteme.com That P7 sure wont last long just using the metal box as a heatsink. Enjoy it while it lasts.
jeff-o Scott_Tx6 years ago
Agreed. That is one epic flashlight, but it's not enough to simply mount it in a box. LEDs that powerful need adequate heat sinking or they will burn themselves out in short order.
SSC P7's dissipate over 10 watts of heat EACH if they're driven like that... I'm surprised he can even hold the box with that much heat going into it.
your av is a pac protector! cool! I love ringworld
bumsugger6 years ago
Wot,no circuit??
dchall86 years ago
You can't tell anything from that video. Can you do something practical like a Dorcy or a Maglite conversion?
you know you could just hold up a very dull flashlight up to a camera and it will look super bright because it is so close. try to go outside and check it outside.
Lftndbt6 years ago
"Super Flashlight - More bloopers are a click away"

Sorry, had to be done.
Lenses and reflectors would be of an advantage, if you were to be able to find adequate ones.
pattywac6 years ago
If this is the controller you are using:

you are only getting about 1/3 of the max power to it. I haven't found a controller on that site that is rated for more than 1amp and the P7 maxes at 2.8 amps.
How about some more details? More info on parts used, where you got them etc? j