Picture of Super Laptop Chillpad
Through the use of resources I have and parts I've obtained. I'm making a 17" laptop chillpad. The heart and soul of the chiller is the cooling fan out of PS3! This 12V 2.65 Amp fan can pull some mean air. Through the use of a CAD program and some spare time I had, I designed a fairly basic pad and I'm getting it milled out.
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Step 1: Obtaining the parts

Picture of Obtaining the parts
A buddy of mine had a PS3 that crapped out on him and was out of the warranty. So what was the most logical thing to do? take it apart of course. After taring it apart, I found it necessary to keep the fan for this such kind of project.

Step 2: The design process

The following are the CAD designed drawings. The design I came up with allows the pad to sit on my lap and directs the air flow out the back and sides away from me. That way there isn't and hot air being directed back towards me. If I had used a normal PC fan, the air would still be directed right into my lap and I'd have to elevate the pad to allow the airflow to dissipate. My design, elevation isn't necessary.

Step 3: Power source

The power source for the 140mm fan it going to be a 9V 2.2A power pack. Though its not rated for the fan (12V 2.65A) it still has enough power for this project. My plan is to install a potentiometer / rheostat to be able to control the speed of the fan. Through testing the fan to see if it worked, I found it has far more suction then expected (awesome)

*I have recently added an air scoop to my design so extra air flow will be forced into the internal laptop CPU fan. Since the PS3 fan has far more suction than i originally anticipated, I'm putting some weather stripping on the chill pad to segregate the air flow, that way the PS3 fan doesn't rob the laptop of its natural airflow.
**I'll add the newly updates CAD drawings soon.
pmccourt3 years ago
hey man, I wonder what if anything u would charge to make one of these for me, minus the fan of course, Id add that myself :D
xgumbi5 years ago
I have a PS3 fan as well that I stole out of a non-working PS3. My question is how did you wire it to the power pack?. I have a 12V 2A  AC/DC adapter I thought i could use but had no luck splicing it to work with the PS3 fan. Any tips appreciated.