Super Lighter





Introduction: Super Lighter

a Tutorial on how to change your ordinary lighter to a Super Lighter. Its for all you pyromaniacs like me out there.

Step 1: Get the Lighter

go to the local market and get a lighter with a wheel for now. Later i'll do a tutorial for atomatic lighters or lighters with nothing to adjust the size of the flame(depends on the responses).

Step 2: See the Flame Size

if you like the size you have leave this tutorial...if not continue and take out the metal casing arond the mechanism.

Step 3: Super Sizing the Flame

I just want to remind you that fire is dangerous and what you do with this tutorial is not my responsibility. anfter that said the steps are on the pictures . left to right

Step 4: End

you finished it. now just put the metal casing back and enjoy a huge flame.



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    i need to fix a 25.00 butane lighter shaped liked a rifle....any one help me ? i think it is the flint gone...because i have to light it with matches...its about 35cm long

    if you turn it too fat you get a fireball in ur hand lol

    Mine doesn't have that little thing to adjust it with

    I got my flame 5-6 in. high, but I forgot to put the metal part back on and I saw it melting so I threw it and after 2 seconds the thing turned into a huge fireball and now my mailbox is kind of melted.

    I turned it like that twice, put metal case back on and lit it, it turned into a spray bottle spewing out liquid fire, I had lots of fun,hee hee, fire....

    you could allso call it a crack lighter

    great one, except i lost half my finger in the process!

    That was irony..? I hope..