Picture of Super Lighter
a Tutorial on how to change your ordinary lighter to a Super Lighter. Its for all you pyromaniacs like me out there.

Step 1: Get the lighter

Picture of Get the lighter
go to the local market and get a lighter with a wheel for now. Later i'll do a tutorial for atomatic lighters or lighters with nothing to adjust the size of the flame(depends on the responses).
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if you turn it too fat you get a fireball in ur hand lol
Mine doesn't have that little thing to adjust it with
Bob the dog3 years ago
I got my flame 5-6 in. high, but I forgot to put the metal part back on and I saw it melting so I threw it and after 2 seconds the thing turned into a huge fireball and now my mailbox is kind of melted.
I turned it like that twice, put metal case back on and lit it, it turned into a spray bottle spewing out liquid fire, I had lots of fun,hee hee, fire....
lane295 years ago
you could allso call it a crack lighter
228944 years ago
great one, except i lost half my finger in the process!
defiantly a classic!!! thanks 4 posting.
pyroninja215 years ago
be extreamly careful when doing this if u take off the mettle part there is nothing stopping the heat to melt the butto down and burn the casing and the boom
Pyroman9 years ago
so um...basically...you open the valve the fire comes out of all the way? i got an idea that doesn't even involve opening it. U just move the falme adjuster from the - side to the + side! Oh i just got a wicked long nosed lighter. it's a scripto wind-resistant and the flame looks like a friggin blowtorch. i'll give u picks as soon as i find it...
53rp3nt Pyroman6 years ago
Yeah, that works if you only want to crank up your lighter to maybe 2 in. tops. If you want more, you have to remove the metal casing. Also, you can take the casing off and remove the wheel and other parts until you have just the fuel cartridge. Then twist the knob until you hear the gas coming out. light another lighter and hold it near the outpouring gas and you have a small blow-torch. Have fun.
2 inch my butt, I got mine like a foot, Ill message you the pics when I have more time.
Do u still have those pics?
nah im sorry they were on my phone and it went 4 a swim with me.
that doesnt move it far enough to make it uber-powerful.
If you just want a big flame thats likely to eventually ignite the plastic and pose a threat then move the lever all the way to full, then lift the cheap plastic tab off the valve gear, so that it skips without closing when you move it to the left.. The good Bics are pretty much the only ones not adjustable.. Even the cheapos with no lever have the gear you can turn with a fingernail.. Its idiotic waste though, if you feed that butane/propane jet through a proper aspirator you can get a nice >2000°F blue flame that can actually be put to use.. Warning though, as safe as this foolishness seems, you do take the risk of losing a hand.. Those lighters aren't exactly safe when they're used properly.. I can't count the number of times I've seen them refuse to extinguish, or ignite the plastic.. If I do use a cheapo lighter, I blow it out everytime, just incase.. Furthermore, the metal cover should be used! Its there for a reason..
they had a blowtorch saftey liter thiung at my church 2 lite the candles
showwwwwwwwwwwww meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I cant figure out how to get the metal casing off of the plastic. BTW once you get it on, can you put it back on easily
sharlston6 years ago
carefull the flint wheel once sprang out and hit me below the chin and it burnt dont keep thes lit for more than 5 secs other than that its cool :)
sharlston6 years ago
if you have a broken lighter in need of fixing go to my post to get it fixed

heres the link:
sharlston6 years ago
why did my lighter freeze when the gas came out?
abadfart6 years ago
woo crack torch
killer05416 years ago
did it too long and my lighter blew up
WkubaW6 years ago
well i did what u told me it worked and than i threw at the ground and it exploeded and than it froze :?
this is one of the weaker lighter mod's i have seen.
sprmin6 years ago
i did this with some friends, but the plastic holding the little wheel melted!! and so the wheel is now tilted from one side, and then the little spring it has came out, now im having trouble putting it back in. but good job. good clean fun. with fire.
lol. i already knew how to do this, but i just tried it again. i got some butane on my hand, i was on fire for a second.
crap. I stoel your idea on accedent. I figured it out on my own and then I saw this :(.... oh well your was FAR better illistrated than mine cause I have a garbage camera and cant take pics closers than 1.5 ft
that happened to me in art class once, i accidentally "stole" someones idea.
sflinn6 years ago
speaking from experience...this is a great joke to pull on your roommate. however, make sure he can take a joke(and can deal without having eyebrows)
FutJJ6 years ago
Well, i had it putted up that much, that the gas was emty in 2 minutes :S plz help,i putted it lower with a newone, but it keeps getting empty superfast :S
jssteinke6 years ago
Yeah if you do it like a rachet it works best, you move it to the right,then lift while moving back to the right then push back down, then to the right, etc.
it does?
yeah. when the flame manages 2 get inside the can: Kaboom!
itd blow ur hand up b4 long =-)
unominame6 years ago
my lighter lighted and burned for ten secons and was out of buetane and the flame was 2 1/2 feet
Mine doesn't have a flame adjuster, is there something I'm missing here?
ggr_man (author)  Saddam and Osama8 years ago
all you need to do is to get the metal casing out and then rotate the white cog wheel with some pliers
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