Super Man Pumpkin




Introduction: Super Man Pumpkin

If you love Halloween and superman then you'll love this superman decorated pumpkin. With very few materials, you will have yourself a pumpkin ready for whatever use you need, wether it be halloween or in our case, a school project.


  • Pumpkin
  • Paint (Red, Yellow, Blue)
  • Paint Brush
  • Red cloth
  • Superglue
  • Scissors
  • Superman Symbol (Optional, not provided)

Step 1: Paint Your Pumpkin

This step is relatively basic, you just need to paint the pumpkin with a navy blue color, you may need to apply up to 3 coats for it to stay nice.

Step 2: Paint Your Superman Symbol

You can use a stencil you find off the internet or you can hand paint you "s" on to the pumpkin once the blue paint has dried.

Step 3: Cut Out the Cape

Every superman pumpkin needs a cape, for this I just used scissors and red cloth to cut out a trapezoid shape.

Step 4: Add Everything Together

Finally take super glue and add it to the top of the cape and glue it on the pumpkin and let it dry and boom! You got yourself a superman pumpkin.



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    Cool idea, and nicely done!

    If you wanted, you could edit and put the finished pumpkin photo in as your cover image. It's always better to show of the finished result up front ;)