Step 5: Primed and Painted

Finishing up, I painted my 3d Mario and planed to recreate some scenes from Super Nintendo's Super Mario All-Stars. I originally wanted to do NES Super Mario Bros, but it would have looked to pixelated and only have a few colors. I first painted the base then the Wii case. Many, many hours of mixing colors and hand painting was put into this Wii and I'm happy with the results. The way it works, is that when the Wii is on or is in standby the charger is activated. When the Wii is off, so is the charger.

It breaks my heart but, do to a lack of funds my poor Wii will most likely be up for auction on ebay in the upcoming week :(
I would really love some advice on how you used your bondo.
I'm currently working on doing two-part molding and am curious as to how well bondo would work for the project, I haven't worked with bondo before, so I do not know the consistency or anything else to expect and am curious, is it exceptionally thick and therefore would be difficult to use in two-part molding?
Lots of questions that boil down to simply, what bondo did you use, or does 'any' bondo work. and will it work in two-part molding?
LMCx3 years ago
You are so talented - this is unreal. Jealous :(
moocowdog5 years ago
:0 absuloutly amazing man
this is really amazing!
what types of paint do you use though? and what do you go over it with?
conor1237775 years ago
you an insperation i will kil lanyone who doesnt give it a 5 but why mario? if you did a legend of zelda that good id easily pay $600 for it
Props, man!!! Very awesome project and a very informative Instructable. :D Thank you. (n_n)
Wood Mime7 years ago
How did you paint that, and what did you use ? (For the clay also) And how did you make the decoration around the base ? Oh, and how did you connect the clay to the wii ? Thanks if you reply !
BeerBellyJoe (author)  Wood Mime7 years ago
That Mario is all bondo (car body filler) I took a mold of the clay one and then filled the mold with bondo. It is all hand painted and mixed, it is model enamel paint. The grass around the base was clay rolled in long skinny cylinders then laid over, following a pattern. Then a mold was taken of that and reproduced to get symmetrical pieces in bondo. The bondo pieces were then epoxied to the base. So what you think is clay is actually bondo an hard plastic body filler.
how nuch did it go for dude
dsman1952767 years ago
dude i would like pay you to keep it. you really shouldent sell it! you might not get a good deal. :(