Step 3: Put the Designs On

Picture of Put the Designs On
I dry fitted the sides of the block onto the wood, and I found that the edges of the paper didnt meet up close enough. I had some black spray paint lying around, so I put that on the block. It dried quickly, since there was so much tape on the block.

I used rubber cement to glue the sides on. The long strip was just long enough to cover 3 sides, and part of the fourth, so I glued that on, and put the front face on top of the partially coverd side. The other 2 sides should be put on with the thin white strip facing towards the front.
blueblobbs4 years ago
where did you get the design for the bolock
TechNerd1012 (author)  blueblobbs4 years ago
Like, the ? picture and bricks, or the way its put together?
the picture
TechNerd1012 (author)  blueblobbs4 years ago
oh, I just got a picture of the ? and the blocks they used in the game. I just assumed that the rest of the block was brick instead of ?.