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Are you bored with your toilet making the same boring sound every time you flush? Well then I've got just the thing for you! Introducing Toilet Tones! For the low, low price of just $9.95 per flushtone, you can have all your favorite toilet-time-tunes at the jiggle of a handle!

...Um, no that's not right. Sorry, I must have dreamed that last bit. This instructable is about adding the Super Mario Bros. warp pipe sound effect to your toilet flushing experience. To do this we'll be using an inexpensive "sound drop key chain" which has the warp pipe sound effect. A sound drop key chain is a bauble that plays a single sound effect when you press a button. The green key chain in the second picture above plays the warp pipe sound effect.

Materials and Tools
Warp Pipe Sound Drop Key Chain
2N3906 PNP Transistor
2N3904 NPN Transistor
1 kohm Resistor
10 kohm Resistor
0.1 uF Capacitor
~1 sq. in (~6.45 cm^2) of Protoboard
~1 yard (~1 meter) of Wire
Two Cardboard Tubes (one with a slightly larger diameter than the other)
Printout of a SMB Warp Pipe (scaled to the cardboard tubes' dimensions)
Soft Plastic Lid (like those found on a can of mixed nuts)
Small Phillips Screwdriver
Soldering Iron
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue

Step 1: Look Inside

The picture above shows a couple shots of what the pipe sound drop key chain looks like on the inside. I added the red (power), black (ground), and green (S4) wires to aid in prototyping. The sound effect IC is underneath the epoxy blob and plays the pipe sound effect when the S4 pin is brought high. Although this key chain only plays the pipe sound effect when the play button is pressed, if pins S1, S2, or S3 are brought high the sound effect IC will output the jump, coin, or death sound effects respectively.

So how can the key chain be made to play the sound effect when the toilet is flushed? My first idea was to affix the key chain to the underside of the reservoir cover and have the trip lever press the play button when the flush handle is pushed down. However, after a bit of experimentation I decided the trip lever was too weak for this and that the sound effect would be difficult to hear over the noise of the flushing if it was inside the reservoir. I was also worried the key chain would come unstuck and clog the toilet; this is after all the place where “[expletive deleted] happens.” Therefore I decided to use a simple circuit that would bring pin S4 high when I touched the metal toilet handle.
use a leaf switch instead. it's more reliable than a touch sensor.
or you could hack the sound to be much more annoying
I could imagine flushing the toilet and hearing a 1-up sound coming out of it! =) <br>Amazing instructable by the way!
Thanks very much!
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LOL! I should hook this up to my door knob in my room! :D That's what I call creative! <br> Cheers! -joespicnictables
Oh yeah! You could use it as a sort of doorbell.
or you can use it as a intruder alarm! a thief trying to pick your lock!
or maybe you can hook it up to smelly thing so when they flush the toilet it stinks! :P

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