Super Mario Bros. LED Mushroom Halloween Pumpkin!

How to create your own Super Mario Brothers 1-up LED powered Pumpkin! A great change from your standard, boring Jack-o-Lantern. Brilliant idea eh?

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Step 2: Cut out your mushroom!

Using your standard mushroom carving knife, cut out your pattern. It's recommended you place foil at the bottom of the pumpkin and under the top of the lid to reflect light and thoroughly illuminate your design. Be sure to insulate your leds if you place them at the bottom to prevent them from shorting out.

Step 4: Solder the LEDs!

I used 5 leds in each red, green, and blue. They are all 5,000 or 6,000 mcd (brightness). I then soldered them together and hooked them up to two 9 volt batteries. Only the red LEDs needed a lot of resistance (they are only 2v). Then, be sure to insulate the wires before getting them near aluminum foil.
gdene3 years ago
Well, its ok, but thats gonna be my new gif!
MrStuff7 years ago
This is Awesome! I was inspired, so here are my pics.
Wow, it may look like an evil mushroom
But it'll do :)
Thorolf MrStuff6 years ago
he looks disgruntled
Joe426 (author)  MrStuff7 years ago
wow, very nice work. That turned out great!
MrStuff Joe4267 years ago
thank you. only difference i "angry eyes". :-) Next year I'll try Mario and company.
Joe426 (author)  MrStuff7 years ago
i definitely like the angry eyes touch. Gives it an evil feel.
I noticed that the link for the Stencil was down, and I REALLY liked this Instructable, so I Vectorized the thing in the Pic --Here it is ^__^
and-reas5 years ago
Think it would be great if you made a 3d version of it, with holes all over it on the top :D
Arbitror5 years ago
This is pretty cool! Definitely five stars! But when I make one, I will use a star man instead of a mushroom, and make the lights change color every .1 second! Good Job!
noobie6055 years ago
i would definetly put a greenled at the top and a white led at the bottom
SessiZ7 years ago
Hah :) not bad
Sac Bakımı
Derin SessiZ5 years ago
Saç bakımının konuyla alakasını anlamadım
Kankuro5 years ago
i want to make a metal 1!
hey i got the same helping hands at harbor freight tools too, lol
dannosliwcd7 years ago
Hmm... Shouldn't you be wearing the glove on the hand that you are pointing the spray can at? :-p
Joe426 (author)  dannosliwcd7 years ago
yeah, i had it like that, but switched it for the picture :)
Shifrin7 years ago
1 up
dude thats auwsome
calikoala7 years ago
like, how much resistance?
Joe426 (author)  calikoala7 years ago
none. they were 5 leds - max 3.8 v they were powered by 18 volts. so...they can't burn out.
Neodudeman7 years ago
GreenDay7 years ago
I did this today without the LEDs. It looks wicked. Good instructable man.
chuCraft7 years ago
They sell 3-color LED pumpkin lights at most stores, and while they do pretty transitions between colors, the blue and green tend to be a bit too dim once in the pumpkin. Your project is great because each color stands out equally! Also, the 1UP mushroom is a nice touch. An invincibility star could be cool, too...
Joe426 (author)  chuCraft7 years ago
Thanks for the compliment. An invincibility star would be cool, but people would think it was just a standard, normal star, which would be a bit boring. Never thought of buying a light, thats always an option if you're too lazy to solder.
Kuhan7 years ago
that is smexy-awesome
Joe426 (author)  Kuhan7 years ago
I would definitely say so
Pie_eata7 years ago
Suite, neat and original
Bran7 years ago
Haha, 1-Up! Nice job! Love it.