Step 4: Oil

Add Baby oil into the jar.  Do not fill it the entire way.  You are going to want to try out your lid with Mario first.  (Basically you have to figure out how much space is going to be displaced in your jar from the figure)
Are there any other molds that can be used for the models inside the jar?
Great! <br>This also works with aquasoft plasticine (from Staedler/Eberhard Faber). It doesn't harden, but once in the jar that doesn't matter. Obviously it resists water. Simple shapes can be shaken without problems. <br>It can be used by younger children than Sculpey (But it's not Play-doh!).
Hey cool idea! Now, if you use oil I wonder if it will eventually melt the clay....clearly I now have to try! :)
This looks amazing! Great instructable :D!
Thanks a million!

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