Picture of Super Mario Brother's Mushrooms

I thought it would be really cute to also make the mushrooms from Super Mario Brothers. The main form of the mushroom will be a bowl and a cylinder type object (like oatmeal container). Here we go again!

Supplies Needed:

Large Bowl
Cylinder Shape Object such as oatmeal container or paint can
Acrylic Paint (green or red, white, and black)
Razor Blade Knife
Container for Glue such as Cool Whip container
Masking Tape

Step 1: Prep Materials & Bowl

Picture of Prep Materials & Bowl
First you want to prep your materials:

Put out a piece of Cardboard for a working area. 

Tear your paper into pieces.

Prepare your glue by adding water to it to get a good consistancy.

Take your bowl and wrap it with plastic wrap. Use masking tape to hold the plastic wrap on the inside of the bowl.  If you decide to use a paint can, then also prep that with plastic wrap. If you want to use a oatmeal box you don't have to prep it.
You've seen this one, right?

Super Mario - Game Over

The sight of your mushrooms reminded me of that video, and this is a good instructable too.  You've got my vote for the make-it-stick-contest.

sandgurl (author)  Jack A Lopez3 years ago
hehe... You can never have enough 1-UPs!!! Thank You :)