Step 3: Inside Out

Take a look at the statue you are making.  Since you will be laying the clay I want you to think about the process like this.  Your tin foil armature is your basic shape, or your naked little guy.  You need to put clothing on your Mario.  What goes first.  Well in our case Mario's shirt is the piece that is closest to his skin.  Roll our your red clay and cover the part of the armature it would show.  Go a hair beyond so you have a place for the next layer to attach to.
Thanks so much!
Wow you are a polymer guru! So cute.
Awe that's sweet! I'm not bad, but I know there is room for improvement, my problem is I get so excited when I have an idea I become a ninja and pound it out, then later I tend to make another that looks much better after a breather! :)

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