Step 8: Head Details

To create his mouth I rolled out a piece of black, I mixed a small amount of red and black to make the color of his tongue.  I then rolled a thin coil for his teeth.  I cut the shape to the size I needed and pressed it onto Mario's face.

I then rolled out a piece of black and cut his mustache to size and pressed it onto Mario's face.

Using the same process as the mouth, I created Mario's eyes by rolling out white, taking the blue I mixed and placing it on the bottom part of the white, then adding black.

His eyebrows were made from creating a thin coil of the black and pressing it on to his face.
Thanks so much!
Wow you are a polymer guru! So cute.
Awe that's sweet! I'm not bad, but I know there is room for improvement, my problem is I get so excited when I have an idea I become a ninja and pound it out, then later I tend to make another that looks much better after a breather! :)

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