Every Super Mario Brother costume or theme needs a few props.  We were lucky to get a hold of a Yoshi Costume and wanted to add some props to it.  Why not a turtle shell?

Supplies Needed:

Paper (Craft Paper, brown paper bags, or newspaper)
Plastic Wrap
Masking Tape
Large Bowl
Bubble Wrap or Long Sheet of Paper
Paint (Green, White, Black and/or red)
Paint Brushes
Cool Whip Container or Something to hold glue mixture

Look at How excited Yoshi was at getting her new props!!!!!

Step 1: Prep Your Work Place

Before I start my paper mache projects, I try to prep my work place. Here are a few things I do to get ready for it:

I'll put down cardboard to work over so I don't get too much glue on the floor. 

Cut down the cool whip container to make it easier to pull the pieces out of.

Tear your paper into pieces.  I prefer to tear rather than cut the pieces of paper. For me it makes your design a little smoother. Also, I like smaller pieces rather than strip because its easier to get the bubbles out.

Get your Glue Mixture ready!  I like to use glue because it is a lot less hassle than flour and water. I'll vary the amount of water according to the paper.  A little thicker mixture for thicker paper.
<p>Hi, What type of glue did you use?</p><p>Thanks you.</p>
Great! Know I know what to make for my paper-mache turtle!
Sweet prop, don't get caught between two pipes with that shell!
lol!!! I definately would be in trouble.... can't jump very high with that costume!

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