Picture of Super Mario Brother's Turtle Shell

Every Super Mario Brother costume or theme needs a few props.  We were lucky to get a hold of a Yoshi Costume and wanted to add some props to it.  Why not a turtle shell?

Supplies Needed:

Paper (Craft Paper, brown paper bags, or newspaper)
Plastic Wrap
Masking Tape
Large Bowl
Bubble Wrap or Long Sheet of Paper
Paint (Green, White, Black and/or red)
Paint Brushes
Cool Whip Container or Something to hold glue mixture

Look at How excited Yoshi was at getting her new props!!!!!

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Step 1: Prep Your Work Place

Picture of Prep Your Work Place
Before I start my paper mache projects, I try to prep my work place. Here are a few things I do to get ready for it:

I'll put down cardboard to work over so I don't get too much glue on the floor. 

Cut down the cool whip container to make it easier to pull the pieces out of.

Tear your paper into pieces.  I prefer to tear rather than cut the pieces of paper. For me it makes your design a little smoother. Also, I like smaller pieces rather than strip because its easier to get the bubbles out.

Get your Glue Mixture ready!  I like to use glue because it is a lot less hassle than flour and water. I'll vary the amount of water according to the paper.  A little thicker mixture for thicker paper.

Step 2: Cover The Bowl

Picture of Cover The Bowl
Take plastic wrap and use it to cover the bowl. The pieces of wrap should be long enough so that the wrap can be attached to the inside of the bowl. This will allow you to handle the bowl when you have glue on your hands.  Secure the plastic wrap with masking tape.

Step 3: Make a Roll for Edge of the Shell

Picture of Make a Roll for Edge of the Shell
Take bubble wrap (or paper) and roll it. Tape the roll so that it does not come apart. Then wrap the roll around the bottom base of the bowl and use scissors to cut off any excess bubble wrap or paper.  Then use masking tape to secure.
NataliaM9 months ago

Hi, What type of glue did you use?

Thanks you.

milkywaybar2 years ago
Great! Know I know what to make for my paper-mache turtle!
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Sweet prop, don't get caught between two pipes with that shell!
sandgurl (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago
lol!!! I definately would be in trouble.... can't jump very high with that costume!