Hi there, This is my first Instrustable so please have a little patience with me. I'm sure everyone has by now seen the super mario chess set with mario and luigi versing bowser and his crew... well being as how my kids both want to always be the good guy it didn't seem right making one of them be "team Bowser" so i made my own chess set for them out of clay, paint and a little imagination. It's mario vs. luigi...

Step 1:

I luckily had a nice wooden box that opened with hinges already. so i printed out the question mark square and the brick from the Super mario game and glued them in an alternating pattern onto a piece of thick cardboard. Then i put clear taking paper over it to protect it. I made sure to tighten the tacking paper and pull all the edges to the back of the cardboard.

As for the box I just painted on some characters from the game onto the first level background. and then glued the chess board i just made onto it.
<p>Not trying to troll, but it's surprising how many chessboards are not set up properly. Please google and show us the right way.</p>
Very well done. I thought at first you had used Sculpey; that could also work quite well. I think I might use Pokeys for the bishops.
That is one awesome chess set!
This is fantastic! I was going to have campers this summer make a game set, and now I have a fantastic example to show them! Nice work!
Thank you!
Cool. For someone who likes a project.

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