Step 5: Laying the Stones

This is the most relaxing part, it took me about 7 hours - straight - no food and no breaks!

A few tips-

*Consider that the sizes of the stones are not always accurate - start with the part with the more important details - in that case if you don't have enough place left for the last row/column it's not such a big deal.

*Start with one of the bottom corners and use them as support for the stones.

*Try to avoid using too much sealant - it will cause the sealant to come out to the surface and you will have to spend time cleaning it later.

*Try to avoid pressing the stones too hard against the plywood - for the same reason.

*Make sure stones are straight all the time (not tilting sideways).

*Make sure stones are always exactly above the stones beneath them (to avoid shifting).

*Keep your hands clean from sealant so it won't cover the stones when touched.

*Always look at the printed page, you can mark your place every few rows.

*It is recommended to do the job in an open place or properly ventilated to avoid inhaling the sealant fumes.
<p>great job</p>
<p>WOOOOOAAAA!!!! I LOVE IT!!! although with adhd i wouldnt have the patience or the ability to sit there for hours and do one thing luls ^-^ one can only wish though ^-^</p>
wow a lot of work, but the result is amazing . great job.
Looks great! <br>Did you put any kind of clear coat on top to make it water proof? I understand the tiles are waterproof but water could get to the plywood underneath and cause it to warp.
Hello, <br>I'm going to put a coat of mosaic tiles sealer. It's a clear coat used mostly for ceramic mosaic tile for bathroom or kitchen use but I already have it so this is what I'm going to use. You can use all kinds of varnish or a special glass varnish. I have also seen people who have used Enamel paint or Epoxy coating which are more expensive. Good Luck with your project!
Yeah, one thing I've seen used for this type of application is &quot;bar top&quot; epoxy. It's a clear, pourable epoxy. You end up with a completely level, smooth, glossy surface, which may or may not be what you're after.
If you don't have Photoshop, you can download GIMP (an alternate photo editor) for free at gimp.org. <br> <br>Thanks to my wife for letting me hijack her account to comment on this. We may have to do one with Link. :)
Hello,<br>It looks like a great free alternative for photoshop!<br>I googled GIMP Pixel Art and there are lots of tutorials.<br>I also found this-<br>http://karnakgames.com/wp/2010/10/gimp-for-pixel-art-shortcuts-setup-and-tips/<br><br>Thank you for your comment!
That's wonderful job! <br>A question... I tried to convert but I want to make sure... the glass mosaic has size of 2cm X 2cm? We use centimeters here in Brazil. :) Just want to make sure and buy correctly! <br>Thanks mate!
Hi dipiccine, where I come from (Israel) we also use the metric system. I just converted the sizes because I think that's what most people in this site use.. My table was 94.5x94.5 cm and the stones I ordered were 2x2 cm although they were a little bit smaller than that in reality (as you can see there is like 1cm free on the side and on the top)
Thanks again! very inspiring job! great
Thanks everyone!
Absolutely Brilliant !!
Look's Like Ya Did A Good Job, But It Looks Like Somethin' Lamont Would Watch.
Great work Tzabary !! ;)
Awesome! Perfect design choice :)

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