Super Mario Mystery Box Magic Bank

Picture of Super Mario Mystery Box Magic Bank
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This is a funky illusion to fool both children and adults. Simply drop your coins in the coin slot and watch them vanish. It is a modified version of the Toysmith illusion bank. But don't worry your money is still there!
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Step 1: Supplies

For this Instructable you will need the following:

A Toysmith illusion bank (I got mine at a Michaels Arts and Crafts Store)
A glue stick
A small philips-head screwdriver
A printer
A block of plastic wood (or regular wood) long enough to make a cube (at least 1.5in by 1.5in by 1.5in) out of the wood (or plastic wood).
A drill
A small drill bit
A pencil

Step 2: Preparing the wood

To start, you will need half of a cube, so what you should is cut your wood into a cube and then cut the cube diagonally in to two triangular pieces. Be sure they are both equal in size. You only need one, so you keep the other as a back up until you finish.

I made mine using a different method. I cut the end of the wood at a 45 degree angle, then I cut a straight line taking the whole slant off and it left me with a triangular piece of wood.

Step 3: Disassembling the box

Picture of Disassembling the box
Next, you will have to carefully disassemble the Toysmith illusion bank. Be sure not to damage any pieces. Once it is disassembled you should have 2 screws, a cardboard background, a mirror, the box, the lid, and half of whatever was in it (I had half of a smiley face). You won't need the cardboard background or half of whatever was inside (a smiley maybe), so you can throw those out if you would like.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

octochan3 months ago
Now you just have to make it do the classic 'kaching' noise when you put money in!
DOT.4 months ago
Old good trick :D Nice!
iwtbarockstar4 months ago
But why waste your time building a new one if you just bought one to make one?
so that we can build one too ;-)
iwtbarockstar4 months ago
That's cool
mikeasaurus4 months ago
I love these types of coin boxes.
creativity1234 months ago
That looks awesome
M3G4 months ago

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