Step 3: Spin It!

Jam a pencil through the center of the shutter and animation wheels.
Tape the animation down so it stays put.
Spin it in a mirror. It only works if you look through the shutter slits.

If you made a smaller, lightweight phenakistoscope, then a thumbtack in a pencil eraser is better than jamming a pencil through the center hole.

Note: After 5+ hours of fixing, checking, and minor corrections you may feel a tad sea sick!
<p>WOAAA!!! so coool!</p>
I love optical illusions like this one! So funny that in the digital age, they can still surprise!!!&nbsp;great! Thank you! <a href="http://art-on-line.com.ua//index.php?page=shop.manufacturers&option=com_virtuemart&let=1">Artists of Ukraine</a>
Superb use of the phenakistoscope format -- really like the way you use most of the disk for your animation. Makes this superior to a <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Zoetrope/">zoetrope </a>(similar but looks like a carousel) &nbsp;for this particular animation.<br> <br> Nicely done i'ble.<br> <br> I wonder how FEW slits you can use? For instance if you could have only 4 you could <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Retro-3D-Photos/">animate a 3D photo</a>&nbsp;by using 4 larger alternating left and right images LRLR. I'll have to experiment with this.<br> <br> Thanks for the inspiration!!!
I love the 3D idea -- one obstacle would be that the slits don't really block out much: you generally see the whole disc at once. This may be solved by fewer slits though. I'd love to see any experiments on this!
Wow great instructable! Very clear. Great diagrams.
Wow, amazing!!! Thank you :)
That is really cool. Great job.
This is very cool, especially the animated GIFs, but could I be greedy and ask you to add a scan of your finished disc?<br><br>That way, folk would be able to skip a lot of your more complicated steps, and simply print it out and cut the slots....
I added a higher quality image of the disc along with some instructions. One thing of note: my center hole is a bit off, which produces the wobble you see in the animated one.
Brilliant, thanks.

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