Step 3: Spin It!

Picture of Spin It!
Jam a pencil through the center of the shutter and animation wheels.
Tape the animation down so it stays put.
Spin it in a mirror. It only works if you look through the shutter slits.

If you made a smaller, lightweight phenakistoscope, then a thumbtack in a pencil eraser is better than jamming a pencil through the center hole.

Note: After 5+ hours of fixing, checking, and minor corrections you may feel a tad sea sick!
iectyx3c3 years ago
Superb use of the phenakistoscope format -- really like the way you use most of the disk for your animation. Makes this superior to a zoetrope (similar but looks like a carousel)  for this particular animation.

Nicely done i'ble.

I wonder how FEW slits you can use? For instance if you could have only 4 you could animate a 3D photo by using 4 larger alternating left and right images LRLR. I'll have to experiment with this.

Thanks for the inspiration!!!