Picture of Super Mario Star
Gaming fan? well youll love this super mario star, it only takes roughly 5 hours and practically barely any money (i accidently deleted the pictures from the early stage of production, but dont worry its really easy)
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Step 1: What you need...

Picture of What you need...
quite a large piece of cardboard.
PVA glue
Plain white paper
tin foil
yellow paint or yellow spray paint or yellow tissue paper
Masking tape

Step 2: The skeleton

Picture of The skeleton
cut out the shape of a 5 sided star of course making the top triangle bigger than the others fitting a traditional super Mario Star...

Step 3: Shaping it

Picture of shaping it
get your star and and add more cardboard on the main areas, such as the centre and the five triangles, however i used polestirine used in packaging, but if you make sure it is aproximately 1.5 inches high it should be fine regardless.
By this i mean on one of the triangles you will have a smaller triangles that sticks out a lot more and in the centre a rather large protusion so you will have six big bumps sticking out on both sides of the star cutout.

Step 4: Making sure it is more rounded

Picture of Making sure it is more rounded
by now if you have followed the instructions you should have a star with several protrusions that dont look anything like a super mario star, but do not fear, this is where your masking taped comes in handy, go crazy cover the enter surface in tape stretching it over the bumps you made with carboard or polestirine and you should see that it is a lot more rounded because the tape is going round the sides whilst being stretched over the six bumps.
SoSerial5 years ago
where are the pics?
santy227 years ago
??????? and if you deleted the pict they will be in your bin or make other star and take pics!
BriarLakeTrustNoOne (author)  santy227 years ago
my bins empty man, soz, alright ill go back nd make some new pics so it is easier to understand, bout a week kk
Ok, take your time.
dombeef santy226 years ago
few months WHERE IS IT
X4536 years ago
My friend would LOVE this!!!!! (MARIO THEME SONG PLAYS) I have an old Mario game on my computer.I don't get it!
Sorry, but what does this have to do with April Fools?
nothin but i entered it into a categorie
you dont need to enter it in to a contest.
how do u un enter
i dont know... sorry...
Fixed. ;)