Picture of Super Mario Sweater Vest
Knitting stitches are basically pixels, right? I took that idea to the extreme, and converted a screenshot of Level 1-1 from the original NES Mario Bros. game into a ginormous knitting chart made up of over 10 sheets of tabloid paper taped together, which I used to make a sweater vest for my video game-loving husband.
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Step 1: Stash up!

Picture of Stash up!
I used Palette fingering-weight yarn, from ( Please note, the sky colour I used two years ago has been discontinued so I tried to find a reasonable substitution in their current offering.

Pick up the following colours of Palette:

Sky (4 balls).
Masala (2 balls)
Cream (2 balls)
Black (1 ball)
Grass (1 ball)
Orange (1 ball)
Bison (1 ball)
Blossom Heather (1 ball)

Originally, I had to custom dye some white yarn to get the bright green for the pipes. Luckily, it looks like KnitPicks now offers a green that would be perfect, so also get:

Limeade Heather (1 ball)

Step 2: Dye yarn (optional)

Picture of Dye yarn (optional)
If you have a hard time finding any of the colours you need, it's easy to dye yarn. Just make sure your yarn is made of protein fibers (i.e. from an animal source, such as wool, silk, or alpaca) or nylon, and you can dye them using Kool-Aid or acid dyes.

To dye yarn, start with a light colour such as cream or white, and wind it into a skein around your arm (or around a niddy noddy, if you happen to have one). Tie it off in four places to prevent tangling, then soak the yarn for at least 15 minutes in a bowl or pot. Check out this video for more info on how to tie your skein of yarn.

If dying using acid dyes, follow the instructions that came with the dye. You'll need to add citric acid or vinegar to set the dye.

If dying using Kool Aid, dissolve some Kool Aid into a pot of water (the amount of Kool Aid you use will determine how saturated the colour will be), immerse the yarn, and heat until the water is clear (about half an hour).
malkon152 years ago
This is a really neat idea, however I didn't quite understand what knitting technique and gauge were you using. Is it intarsia?
happyseamstress (author)  malkon152 years ago
It's a combination of stranded knitting and intarsia. Basically, I used stranded knitting whenever there were short blocks of color (like in the bricks) and intarsia wherever there were large blocks of color.
doodlecraft2 years ago
I love it! Holy cow, I'm white and nerdy! :) I would love to see more step by step pics, but I get it! Thanks!
happyseamstress (author)  doodlecraft2 years ago
I'm so glad you like it :-)
HollyMann3 years ago
WOW! That is insane - in the best kind of way! How incredible - I had no idea you knit something so detailed!!! It is nerdy but SO cute!!!! Good job! I hope you win!
batman963 years ago
Tatterhood3 years ago
Love love love it! (I remember seeing it on craftster!! Happy to see instructions on how to make it) I just need to learn to knit :(
Very classy