Picture of Super Mario Yoshi Rider Costume
This is my Super Mario riding Yoshi puppet! I prefer to call it a puppet rather than costume. With fake Mario legs on the puppet & my own legs inside the Yoshi legs, It gives the illusion that you are riding a real life Cartoon Dinosaur!  To add to the realism, Yoshi has a full opening & closing mouth and exending toungue

Inspiration for the costume mechanic was the goblin riders from the silly battle sequence in Jim Henson's Labyrinth.
It took about 4 months from start to finish, with about an extra month for Research & Development.  Final estimated cost was around $450.

Primary materials were:

  memory foam, for the skin
  PVC pipe & plastic canvas, for the skeleton
  a whole lot of hot glue & duct tape, to keep everything together
  paper mache of a dodgeball for the yoshi head
  plastic hangers, screws, bolts & red leggings to create accordian mechanism for toungue
  Spray paint for color. Latex paint wouldve been best, but the deadline had to be met
  Most importantly, since a fake one just wouldnt do:  
  the willpower to walk around for 5 months while growing a big handlebar mustache!

Showing off the puppet at Wizard World Comic-Con 2010 in Austin, Tx:


Step 1: Research & Development

Picture of Research & Development
0 2.jpg
0 3.jpg
Making alot of Sketches, taking measurements, & going to Lowes & Home Depot to write down prices & figure out a budget.  the best way to get something like this done is to spend a month drawing & thinking before you really commit to a plan. then start building, but not with the actual materials...
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splazem4 years ago
Amazing. Just amazing.

Well done! And very-very nice!


Awesome work!
So cool
Cool but mario's legs should be going down not along
memorris0272 years ago
No way! Sweet!
caasi883 years ago
could you maybe make a minecraft spider jockey. name your price!!
5Meats (author)  caasi883 years ago
i just looked up what a Minecraft Spider Jockey is, & that looks really easy to make. just mix my tutorial with THIS GUYS TUTORIAL, & you'll have your costume in no time.  Trust me, you'll feel so much better telling everyone on Halloween that you made it yourself!
dimitrov_s3 years ago
very very nice!

Mr. Noack3 years ago
This is pretty freakin' sweet!! Well done sir!
takboilaw3 years ago
Your are genious, very nicely done. you entertain not only the kids but the rest of the people there.

as what mrmerino said ...this is awesome. It is really awesome!!!!!!!!!
U4563 years ago
Cute song at the first couple seconds
kyleslab3 years ago
Cool! See mine here http://www.instructables.com/id/Epic-Mario-Costume/
Remember to vote and comment!
MVMann3 years ago
I am totally amazed by this costume. You did a really nice job! :)
cunam3 years ago
THIS IS AWESOME! I am working on my own version POOR-MANS version, using yours as a guideline! Posting pics up soon. However, I don't get how you use Mattress Foam? Or where you even buy it. The way you attached it is so seamless.

GENIUS !!!!!
Beanie104 years ago
WOW. This is absolutely amazing! Your video was simply brilliant! You got my vote!!!
5Meats (author)  Beanie104 years ago
thank you!
paloma884 years ago
wow mario
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slithien4 years ago
There isnt enough words to describe how epic this is!!!! 5*
I'll be in shock if you don't win. But I still want to win that iPad so badly.
indomitable4 years ago

undeniably awesome. i would never have been able to make something so amazing for a costume/puppet thingy.

i have an ostrich costume like that!! i wear it around the house and around my neighborhood.

very nice though. 5 out of 5.
Bartboy4 years ago
You just either won yourself a 3ds or buckyballs. well done.
what other entries HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
?! I think that judging from the entries now he just won himself an Ipad!
it's barely started :P
Excellent stuff!
Kind of similar as to what I made a number of years ago only it was an interactive coin bank. Well you could either save real coins or you can save trinkets, curios and or chocolate gold coins. it was also made from paper mache and a few other things like a party favor for the tongue. It was hollow mostly, had a special back scale for opening the mouth, and the saddle can be opened for storage.

Here is a pic of it.


Not a very good pic but you get the idea. :)
clax12274 years ago
Dude you are an awesome dude to be around for halloween
stunami4 years ago
Awesome, but for the next one, you need to make it poop eggs!

5Meats (author)  stunami4 years ago
AH!!! Actually, I drew out the mechanic to make him poop out those little plastic Easter Eggs! Also, I planned to make his eyes blink. But I ran out of money, & specifically time.
omg for a second you fooled me thinking that the front legs were yours. LOL
mrmerino4 years ago
mrmerino4 years ago
dude... this is awesome!
athrian4 years ago
so cool!
Macyoshary4 years ago
:O Incredible!

This blows my Yoshi costume way out of the water!
It's people like you that inspire the rest of us. Fantastic job!
M.C. Langer4 years ago
elimasmx4 years ago
SHIFT!4 years ago
That video just made me LOL out loud! Awesome job!
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