I had one of these mini Weber grills sitting around taking up space for years. I think originally it was a free thing I picked up from a friend. I used it once or twice and then it sat in my shed until my friend Dean modified his. And it's an awesome mod. So I'm recreating it here.

If you're using brickets, stop. If you're using lighter fluid, stop. Even if you don't do this crazy mod, buy a charcoal chimney and start using natural lump charcoal that pretty easy to find anymore. Lights quickly (with just one sheet of newspaper) and burns super hot. A bonus is that if you're just making a small meal it reduces the amount of charcoal you'll need to use by concentrating the heat.

Step 1: Needs

You will need:

--An old Weber Smoky Joe grill (or equivalent)

--A charcoal chimney

--Metal cutting saw


--Metal punch

--Welder (optional, but very nice to have)
I made this one last year.
That's b@d@$$!
He he. <br>It also holds a wet smoker very nicely on the top edge. <br>I filled the basket with lava rock, to diffuse the hot gas from the fire - this burns sticks like a rocket stove. <br> <br>It was inspired by another 'Ible
I know it's an old post BUT do you have more pics? Also, what's a &quot;wet smoker&quot;?
<p>is it posssible to have a cooler grill by using less fuel?</p>
Certainly. You don't have to load the chimney completely full.
This is an awesome idea! Perfect for steaks...
You sir are percectly RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it looks really sweet but why would you cook over such high heat ? I'm picturing charred on the outside and raw in the middle burgers and hotdogs and shuddering at the thought of ribs cooked this way...
There are many dishes that are simply better cooked over an 800 degree heat source... pizza, steaks, shrimp to name a few. I would guess that the locality of the &quot;death zone&quot; means that you can use the outer edges or some metal baffles for the cooking zone of the grill. <br> <br>However, I would imagine that this grill has zero &quot;warm zone&quot;
It's a twinge cooler on the outer sides, but only if you leave the lid off.
Wow - I want one of these!
Everybody needs one of these. Weber should make a mass produced version.

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