A flying super mini kite

Step 1: Materials

One note card
One toothpick
String -
One long string
And one about 3 in long ( small one )

Step 2: Fold Paper

Fold the paper note card

Step 3: And the Tooth Pick

Follow the pics cut a hole with the knife

Step 4: String

Just follow the easy pics use the small string for the top
<p>here is my foldingplan for a notepad-paper:</p><p>http://up.picr.de/18092286vp.pdf</p><p>Descriptions to any steps:</p><p>Step 5:</p><p>mountainfold the Flap as shown and push it under the upper flap of it&acute;s side to fix it</p><p>Step 6:</p><p>Repeat steps 4 and 5 mirror inverted.</p><p>Something i forgot in the file:</p><p>after step 2 fold the paper in half (left and right edges together) and unfold.</p><p>so you get a centerline to align the Flaps for the following steps.</p>
<p>it looks like it&acute;s moulded in the wrong direction</p><p>And i think, a notecard it too heavy, i think it&acute;s some type of thin cardboard.</p><p>i builded one now, but i used a paper frpm a notepad (a small, bright colored square sheet of paper) and at first i folded the top and bottom edge a little bit towards the center of the paper, so i got pockets for the stick after your folding steps.</p><p>and than i moulded it in the right direction.</p><p>for the right moulding shape look at commercial kites with a cross conneckto in the center, if they are assembled correctly.</p><p>If you lay it on your table with the string-side up, it must lay on it&acute;s wingtips and it&acute;s botton end and the centerline must be about 1 cm over the table with it&acute;s top end.</p><p>I m going to make a tail for it.</p>
Did you put the stings in the right places
I just finished making this and im having trouble keeping it aloft, its not to windy out (about 30mph) so maybe that is what wrong any tips?
Why don't u just make one???
video of it flying??? <br>until then I just don't believe it.

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