Step 4: Build the LED array...

Picture of Build the LED array...
I used 12 LED's. 6 LED's wired in series to another series of 6 in parallel. Attach the 10ohm resistors to the positive end of the array.
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wmcraver5 years ago
Uhg.  I’m new to LEDs and soldering… well electronics in general.  I would like to try this project, if not to just create an infrared light for my camera…

How does one do the “6 LEDs wired in series to another series of 6 in parallel” step?

Any help would be much appreciate.

LEDs only work one way so you have to make sure its hooked up in the right direction
ok so what end of the resistor is soldered to what end of the last led? and how do i determine the positive and negative ends of the leds
_Scratch_5 years ago
yes, but still amazing
monterto6 years ago
All of Kipkays projects are simply brilliant, I am yet to see any one else find a better way to make such useful projects out of truly affordable and easy to find parts. But my biggest gripe has always been that his videos and instructions are very difficult to follow, and require quite a bit of understanding to get started.
Borgar monterto5 years ago
I love kipkay's projects as much as the next guy,
but kipkay did not "invent" this patent. he got it from an article in the magazine he works for.

I believe the origin of the design comes from this book

i found the book on piratebay, and it has alot more depth in its article about this build

its has a 17 page chapter for nightvision alone, with 3 diffrent types of illuminators and the build for the camera itself, worth a look if you're doing this project