Picture of Super Nintendo cartridge wallet with sound, light, and key storage
I love any and all things Nintendo, but recently my controller themed, leather wallet has just been falling apart. Then an idea struck me, since I couldn't find a wallet that could hold all of my stuff for cheap, I would make one myself! And what better a wallet to make than another Nintendo wallet? I found a four pack of SNES games at Goodwill and knew immediately what I had to do to make this wallet epic. If you complete all of the steps in this instructable you will have; a SNES cartridge wallet with the faceplate as your ID or picture of choice, plays videogame (or ironically money themed) noise, switch on/off emergency lighting, and a compact place to store your spare keys and/or USB thumb drive! What the talk you will be.


You WILL be dealing with dangerous tools and materials! But only if they are handled in a detrimental way. The Dremel tool that I use rotates at a high speed, but instead of cutting, it also melts the plastic materials from it's high speed! The soldering iron and solder also melt the plastic at points in this project! Do this project in a well ventilated area! Do not breath in the smoke from melting plastics and metals! Also the Dremel tool will send chunks of plastic and metal into your eyes if you are not careful! Wear protective goggles that wrap around the sides of your eyes as well! Super glue when mishandled could lead to dangerous skin related mishaps! Wear protective gloves if you are concerned with this! You will be switching bits on the Dremel tool! Be sure to disconnect the power or take out the battery pack if it's cordless whenever you are switching bits! Accidentally turning the Dremel tool on while switching bits could lead to a serious accident. You might even lose a finger! There are also electrical components involved! Be careful when soldering wires and other components together and NEVER solder while batteries are in place! This could cause the battery to explode!

And be sure to take any precaution that I have not covered if you run a seemingly dangerous situation. If you are unsure, google a helpful guide.

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Dargon06903 years ago
what would u charge me for u to make me one? i want one.
sweet. 1-up
bounty10126 years ago
W00T! Dig-Dug.
gamemasterful (author)  bounty10126 years ago
I love that dragon!
Yes it was kinda funny they did a dig dug scene in robot chicken....
gamemasterful (author)  bounty10126 years ago
I'm going to have to youtube that video!
stale566 years ago
lol its like a cop pulls u over and asks 4 ur licence, "hold on 1 sec, lemme get my SNES"
gamemasterful (author)  stale566 years ago
Yeah can't really take it into an airport either I wouldn't think. Too many wires.
kaiswil26 years ago
He He you work a Wal-Mart. Don't feel bad we all have done bad things. And yes the only way I know you do is because I too did the squiggly dance.
lol, at least he doesnt work at mcdonalds... or do you?
gamemasterful (author)  bounty10126 years ago
You know, I don't think I could. KNOWING how those delicious hashbrowns are made... that would be a heartbreaker for me.
gamemasterful (author)  kaiswil26 years ago
Yes Wal-Mart is one of my few shames. Thanks for understanding.
Dig Dug!
gizmo_ult6 years ago
you got my frekin vote and i still have all of my old snes more than 30 in counting
gamemasterful (author)  gizmo_ult6 years ago
Well I guess in all technicality you could still play the game while it's not in the cartridge, but I'd cover it in hotglue just to protect the circuits. Thanks!
gamemasterful (author) 6 years ago
Ho Wow I'm featured! Thanks to everybody involved, especially lebowski for featuring me, and thanks for viewing! This was very much wanted but totally unexpected! Thanks again!
Arbitror6 years ago
The title should be: Super Nintendo Cartridge Wallet That Plays Sounds, Emits Light, and Stores Keys Instead of: Super Nintendo cartridge wallet that plays sounds, gives light, and stores keys Great instructable, but you should make your title shorter!
gamemasterful (author)  Arbitror6 years ago
Thanks! How about Super Nintendo Wallet with sound, light, and key storage?
firehazrd6 years ago
this is an awesome project!
just found an old nes http://www.flickr.com/photos/firehazrd/3147985771/ looking for a project to use it for.
Good job!
gamemasterful (author)  firehazrd6 years ago
Thanks! I worked really hard on it.
Argool6 years ago
This is sooooo cool. How much?
gamemasterful (author)  Argool6 years ago
Depends on how much you have. My greeting card was around $5 and my dremel was $40. The glue (I had to buy two packs, I used so much) was around $4 a pack/bottle (go for the bigger bottle of gorilla impact tough, not the ones pictured). My SNES cartridges were $2 for 4 of them at goodwill, and the Plug n Play game I ripped up was about $20, but you can easily find the components I used from it for under $10. The crafty stuff I rescued from jackets and clothing (elastic band, snaps, velcro) Might come at around $8 total but you'd have a lot of stuff extra. Same with the LEDs. That's only 5 from a string of 30 and my USB was $9 bought during black friday. Getting my keys duplicated is around $3. This wallet though? Priceless.