Introduction: Super Nintendo on Android With Original Controller

Playing Super Nintendo via emulator on Android with the original controller. Integration made with Arduino, Amarino and BlueSMiRF (Bluetooth module).
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beverageexpert (author)2012-08-28

I use this one with amarino. less than 10 bucks

works like a champ. the 65 bucks was always a deal breaker for me and bluetooth dev. not anymore

Girinata (author)2012-01-14


Gemicio (author)2011-11-26

I tryed the project ,and met a problem at begining, as my nes joystick is 15 pins, at last i find this from google:
Controllers - Pin-Outs
Controller ports - NES (and newer Famicom models) - male, front side
Pin Dir Player 1 Player 2 Expl. _________
1 Out GND GND Ground | 4 3 2 1 |
2 Out PORT0-CLK PORT1-CLK Joystick Clock (CPU Port Read) |_7_6_5__/
3 Out OUT0 OUT0 Joystick Serial-Start
4 In PORT0-0 PORT1-0 Joystick Serial-Data _________
5 Out +5VDC +5VDC Supply | 4 3 2 1 |
6 In PORT0-3 PORT1-3 Zapper Light |_7_6_5__/
7 In PORT0-4 PORT1-4 Zapper Button

All controller inputs are inverted inside of the console, LOW arrives as "1".
Note: Older Famicom consoles do not include controller ports, instead the joypad cables are directly attached to the console (without plugs/sockets).

Famicom Expansion Port (standard db15, female, front side)
Included in both older and newer Famicom consoles, not in NES consoles.
1 Out GND ------------------------
2 Out SOUND OUT | 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 |
3 I/O /IRQ \ 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 /
4 In port1-D4 (zapper button) --------------------
5 In port1-D3 (zapper light)
6 In port1-D2
7 In port1-D1 (joystick 4 serial input) (paddle ADC serial input)
8 In port1-D0 (joystick 2 serial input)
9 Out port1-CLK (joystick 2+4 clock read)
10 Out OUT2
11 Out OUT1
12 Out OUT0 (joystick 1+2+3+4 start)
13 In port0-D1 (joystick 3 serial input) (paddle button input)
14 Out port0-CLK (joystick 1+3 clock read)
15 Out +5V
I think it maybe useful,so put it here.

bsoares (author)Gemicio2011-11-28


spizlematic (author)2011-05-20

do you have to use the bluesmirf? would another bluetooth module work? sparkfun has the bluesmirf for $65 is my reason for asking.

circuit_breaker (author)2011-04-26

Good stuff. I like it.

bsoares (author)circuit_breaker2011-04-26


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