Super Paper Airplane! ☺

Picture of Super Paper Airplane! ☺
This is a paper airplane I just learned the design for.
The photo below is the finished product!
(I hope I didn't plagerize anyone"s ideas.)
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Step 1: Materials

You need 1 sheet of paper.
(It doesn't matter what size, just needs to be a square or rectangle-shaped piece of paper)

Step 3: Next Fold☺

Now, take the top-left corner to be parallel with the right side of the paper
Again, look at pic 2.

Step 5: Origami Helps Here☺

Picture of Origami Helps Here☺
Okay, if you notice, there is a triangle staring you in the face.
Take the ends of that triangle, bring them up to the nose ( the top).

Step 7: FINAL STEPS!! ☻

Picture of FINAL STEPS!! ☻
Fold in half, and fold down the wings.
Dont worry about the piece in the front, it doesn't have to be there.

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