Step 12: Command P

Picture of Command P
Although it shouldn’t be necessary at this point, you must ensure that all of the items that you want printed are combined into a single piece. This is accomplished as before with the Combine->Join function.

Export your file as a .stl
Currently, in 123D, you must first sign in with a username and password to enable all of the Save As options.

Now you are ready to print.  Several 3D printing services are available online, or if you are lucky to have access to your own printer, you could print out several versions of your own Super Personalized Candle Holder or make them for others.

Thanks for your comments on this Instructable’s clarity and room for improvement.
I will upload an image of the actual shadow as soon as one is available.  The speedy draft print didn’t include the internal cuts that require higher resolution. 
hkhizer2 years ago
great work, but it would be more credible if you show the effect
Laminarin3 years ago
It seems like the width of your light source and its proximity to the light blocking elements would make for a very fuzzy edge on the projected shadow. Something closer to a point source seems like it would yield a crisper shadow. Maybe an led?