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Introduction: Super Poppy

One of instructables biggest themes is being green and that includes recycling, after my school remembrance service at 11:00am on Tuesday 11th November, tons of paper poppies started appearing on the floor. This is because all the pupils have to buy one for the assembly but afterwards they no longer have any use for them.

I thought this was such a waste so i collected a few of the relativity intact poppies and brought them home to turn them into something cool.

After a bit of experimentation i worked out how to turn the flat single layer poppies into a more realistic triple layer 3D version.

Step 1: Getting Poppies

As I said in the intro I picked up all my poppies off the floor at my school, if you don't go to school or you can't get any for free just give a generous donation to the people who sell them and say your buying for others

Step 2: Disassemble the Poppies

Firstly we need to separate the poppies components, just pop the little black center off and its easy enough.

You will need three poppies to do this, you can use more but its likely the black center will pop off.

Step 3: Scrunch the Petals

If you look at the picture of a poppy below you will see that the poppy actually has more than one layer and isn't actually flat, this is the look we are trying to achieve.

Take the three flat petals from your donor poppies and carefully scrunch them into a ball, be careful not to rip the petal.
Once it is in a ball gently open it back up, if some parts are still flat re-scrunch.

Repeat this process for each of the three petals. (you may also want to do this to the little green leaf)

Step 4: Assemble Creation

Now the petals look more realistic line them up on the green stick so they form a circle and pop the black cap back on.

If it still looks flat pull the sides of the petals forwards a bit and it will look great

Step 5: All Done

Congratulations your all done, you can now wear your realistic poppy to any remembrance services or gatherings :D

(P.S. i know Remembrance day has passed but you could just favorite it for next year !)

Thanks for reading, leave a comment below + don't forget to rate !!

Poppy Appeal
Veterans Day

In the absence of orders, go find something and kill it.
Erwin Rommel.

In war there is no second prize for the runner-up.
General Omar Bradley

Weapons are an important factor in war, but not the decisive one; it is man and not materials that counts.
Mao Tse-tung



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    34 Discussions

    Omg thanks! I am a big fan of remembrance day and this makes it stand out so much more!

    ooohhh!! fancy!! just one thing... sounds like this is a U.K. thing, but in any case, we don't have poppy thingies here...

    8 replies

    Not just U.K. Poppies are worn (and sold to raise money) for Remembrance Day in Canada as well. I imagine it's throughout the Commonwealth. We Yanks (a) aren't as poetic(*) as the Brits; and (b) we've expanded the date to recognize veterans of all wars, not just the Great War.

    (*) The use of the poppy derives from In Flanders' Fields; look it up!

    yeah,they explained it to us here in turkey at school,all the teachers were wearing

    oh, ok thanks.

    veterans day just passed, and no one noticed except for the people who do google themes...

    the only reason i even knew was because it was the theme on google.

    i guess since 'nam and the Iraq war, us Americans are tired of all these failed wars that lead to nothing but lost money, lost men, and violence...

    Hmmm, you should probably tell your government that, according to them the Iraq was supported by 80% of the country. Also i think the people the united states keeps invading and killing are getting pretty tired of it too, cant be much fun having your head blown off :S

    Maybe at first, but the Iraq war was never supposed to last this long... basicly nothing is being accomplished...

    Yes, I was wondering why all the guys on Top Gear were wearing those this week. I didn't do anything for Veteran's Day except take an exam on 11/11 at 11am. Definitely not poetic.

    Actually, I think it's also quite regional in the US, I grew up in Upstate NY an we always had poppies being sold around Veteran's Day, but now that I live near Philly, I haven't seen them in a while.

    i've never seen these paper poppies here in the south-eastern united states.

    In canada you dont get poppies like that... you get ones that stab you in the chest all the time. QQ

    4 replies

    I stick a little canadian flag pin through the center instead of the pin thingy that somehow manages to poke me no matter what I do with it.

    i do a think with the pin, by stabbing it into the poppy after it goes threw my shirt so its like a safety pin

    Hee, hee! I think you just need to be careful who you "buy" them from :-) We got some that were just deadly, as you say, but we also got a couple our second year that were made from "silk flower" material and had safety pins. Those were actually nice looking :-)

    Wearing poppies doesn't mean you are supporting war, but remembering those that died because of it.