Super Quick Chocolate Covered Bacon with Spinkles

Picture of Super Quick Chocolate Covered Bacon with Spinkles

Bacon in an form is pretty awesome, so why wouldn't chocolate covered bacon be just as awesome if not awesomer?
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Step 1: Details, Ingredients and Assumptions

Picture of Details, Ingredients and Assumptions

The idea here is to cook your bacon and get it onto skewers and drip it into the chocolate. For the sake of speed and ease I used chocolate flavored almond bark, it's simple to use and hardens up pretty fast.

Here's what you need:

1 pound of bacon (about 28 slices)
28 short bamboo kabob skewers
1/2 pound of chocolate flavored almond bark (or about)
wax paper


I'm assuming you have a coffee cup, frying pan and a microwave oven. I'm also assuming you know how to cook bacon.

Step 2: Melting the Chocolate

Picture of Melting the Chocolate

Since we're using almond bark the melting of the "chocolate" is fairly easy. Start with 2 cubes of the almond bark in the coffee cup and microwave them on 100% power for 1 minute. This should melt them down enough to add 2 more cubes. Microwave these 4 cubes for another minute, stirring after removing the mug from the microwave. Be careful the cup handle might be hot. Do this until you have melted 6 cubes (1/2 pound)

Step 3: Frying and Skewering the Bacon

Picture of Frying and Skewering the Bacon

I assume you know how to fry bacon, just as the bacon has finished cooking is when you need to skewer it. Bacon is still soft at this point and wont get crispy until after you take it out of the pan. Use a fork to keep you fingers out of the hot oil and put all of the bacon on skewers. I cooked about 5 pieces at a time. Set skewered bacon on a plate covered with paper towels to soak up excess oil.
shilohjim4 years ago
I got some chocolate cover bacon at the state fair but was just drizzled with syrup. This looks much better. Also, how about skewering the bacon before cooking?
gdhenson (author)  shilohjim4 years ago
I tried that. The bacon needs to have complete contact with the frying pan to cook up nice and crispy. You could add oil and then it might work. Or maybe deep fry the bacon.
How about skewering it and then microwaving??
gdhenson (author)  dchall84 years ago
Not a big fan of microwaved bacon
little late, but cooking bacon in the oven is great! place a cooling rack on a baking pan and lay the bacon strips on it (after skewering even). All the fat drips into the pan and they're good and crispy! Plus, if you line the pan in foil there is very little cleanup! :D
That sounds good. what temp do you set the oven at
Chocolate covered bacon?? You people will put anything in your mouth, think of your cholestrol!!
gdhenson (author)  jeremiahthebullfrog4 years ago
What do you mean "you people"? You making fun of the Irish?
Irish? Thought this was an American idea again.
No, got no probs with the Irish, love them. :o)
so when you assumed it was an american invention you were in uproar?
but upon discovering the origin was the irish, you make a clown nosed smiley face?
Ok mate this comment was left ages ago, get over it, I'm not here for a silly argument. I don't favour one country or race of people over another, just some of the foods Americans make are nauseating or seriously unhealthy, that's it
calm down man. just messin with you.
and trust me i know, as an american i have seen some nasty things here... such as a deep fried bar of ice cream..
bacon's one of the leanest cuts of meat out there... unless you also drink the fat...
Reki3 skaar3 years ago
Despite what 'doctors' tell you, your body CANNOT digest fat. You can ingest a whole bucket of the stuff and nothing happens.
skaar Reki33 years ago
which is why i mentioned it being lean... if as you assert that fat can't be digested, it's a grand idea, it's also totally irrelevant, if you drank the fat, as well as ate the meat, it'd no longer be lean.

my wording, is in response to the way the original comment was phrased, as if eating fat will raise cholesterol.
Kelp_horse3 years ago
nom nom. bacon on a stick. Seems un-necessarily but eatin it on a stick in public could be fun. Maybe you could make bacon chocolate balls or something... the possibilities are endless.
mcombest3 years ago
adding a bit of water to the pan while cooking your bacon will help emulsify the fat gently and give you more evenly cooked and crispier bacon.

or... you can always deep fry it on the skewers.
ac1D4 years ago
Now let's make chocolate covered egg, and chocolate covered toast for the perfect breakfast!
well if you hard boil the egg, peel it, and dip it in chocolate...
Guess what. I may try it. I will post an update if I do!
Please do. I recently left for Korea, so I don't have the tools needed for chocolate anything right now. I shall live vicariously through you.
But after all, what is the purpose? I could just buy a kinder surprise! Lol :-)
Screamo4 years ago
Eew? seriously, Chocolate covered bacon??? Id use that in my bathroom, but not for eating :( no offence
Batness Screamo4 years ago
Wait what are you doing in your bathroom with bacon? Nevermind don't answer that.
don't knock it till you try it
Phoghat4 years ago
I have a reputation in my family for being a good an innovative cook. There was a birthday party for a grandson, and since my son always has a lot of appetizers I made these and brought them. I had some sprinkled with chocolate buits, chopped craisins as with the person below and toasted pine nuts just for me. No one knew what they were (I wasn't telling) until they took there first bite, and they looked sheepishly around and took some more.
Batness4 years ago
Love the sprinkle idea. Reminds me of chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks, only with bacon. Nice.
josefu04 years ago
Chocolate bacon. In mai country we have chocolate beef. must be good with becon.
bandonloren4 years ago
A friend was looking for something different for a cranberry recipe contest. I saw this and suggested she try it. She substituted ground up dried cranberries (crasins) for the sprinkles and won 2nd place! Thanks for the idea.
canida4 years ago
From a distance, the intro picture looked a bit like brown rock candy. Note to self: bacon covered in sugar crystals might be excellent...
jonesark canida4 years ago
I made chocolate covered pork rinds 4a friend a couple months ago. Use Ghirardelli extra dark choc chips. Awesome!!!
scoochmaroo4 years ago
Yes thank you!
Excellent, I really needed it
Phantomn4 years ago
I love bacon and spinkles. =]
branonls4 years ago
I made this last Christmas and gave it away with other chocolate covered things. It was a huge hit. I'll have to use the skewers this year.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
I love the random child face mug as well.
gdhenson (author)  jessyratfink4 years ago
My mom gave me that mug.
OMG! You are my newest hero! Keep the nutrition coming!