Super Quick Last Minute Toddler Jedi Costume





Introduction: Super Quick Last Minute Toddler Jedi Costume

So what do you do when you've been invited to a Star Wars party and realize the morning of the party that you need costumes? You whip up a last minute toddler Jedi.

This costume was super quick to put together and, since I had everything at home already, free!

Step 1: Materials

First you gather a bunch of earth toned clothing for the Jedi. I found some beige/khaki coloured pants and a long sleeved shirt in my son's closet. I grabbed an old belt of mine and some brown shirts from our clothing swap donation bin.

Step 2: Turn an Adult Shirt Into a Child's Jedi Tunic

I figured this Old Navy shirt that no longer fits my husband would make a good Jedi tunic.

The best part about working with t-shirts is that the fabric doesn't fray, so there was no need to worry about finishing the edges.

I cut off the shirt's sleeves and collar, and then cut down the center of the front.

Layered over the beige shirt and pants, and with a belt around the center, it was already looking like a Jedi outfit!

The belt has holes all the way around, so I just folded it in half to fit my son.

I had my son try it on and then cut off the bottom of the tunic to shorten it to size.

Step 3: Ready for Jedi Training!

We added an LED to the inside of a bubble wand we had kicking around, and then wrapped the handle in duct tape for a perfect toddler-sized lightsaber.



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    Omigosh!!! How creative, and he looks just like a jedi! :)

    <3 , IrishAG