Picture of Super Sauceless Soggy-free Pizza
I like to make pizza at home as a family meal.  I get lots of help from the kids.  We didn’t like it when the crust came out soggy, and we couldn’t agree with which type of sauce we should have; some wanted red sauce and some wanted white sauce.  Our answer  was to create the sauceless  pizza.
Everyone one gets the sauce they want and no more soggy crust.
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
Pizza Dough
Variety of Spices
Pizza toppings
Mozzarella Cheese (Shredded)
Pizza / Dipping Sauce (yes, for a sauceless pizza)

Step 2: Prepare The Crust

Picture of Prepare The Crust
I often use a frozen loaf of Rhodes bread dough for our Crust.  I think it is the best.  We have also used the powdered pizza crust dough with success.  If you use the powdered dough, I recommend using two packages so the crust is not too thin.  If you are in a real time crunch, you can also use the pre-made pizza crusts.

To make the crust with the Rodes bread (as illustrated in this instructable), remove it from the freezer 2-3 hours ahead of time, wrap in plastic wrap, and leave on the counter to thaw.   If making your crust via another method, follow the directions on the package.

When the dough has thawed, roll it out into a  flat crust and shape it to your favorite pizza shape.  I roll mine right onto a pizza stone.  Sometimes you need to use your hands to shape things the way you want.

Preheat the oven to 475 degrees, bake the dough for 6 minutes, remove the dough from the oven, and move on to step3
bajablue2 years ago
I have a yeast phobia, so I really like the idea of using Rhodes bread. Thanks for sharing!

My favorite pizza dipping sauce is Blue cheese... add a side of pickled whole jalapenos to munch on with every bite... I'm in pizza heaven! ;-P~
laserline (author)  bajablue2 years ago
OOOh!, That sounds good. I'm going to try Blue Cheese next time. I bet the kids pass on that. I've also never tried pickled jalapenos either.
I like to sometimes put sliced jalapenos on the pizza before cooking, time to try a couple of somethings new.
Thanks for the ideas, and for commenting on my instructable.
laserline (author) 2 years ago
Thanks, The spices step makes it pop more than the breadsticks most places serve. If I ran a pizza place, I'd spice up the breadsticks and claim (truthfully in my opinion) that our breadsticks (with toppings) are better than the competition's.
I appreciate your reading and commenting.
mistyp2 years ago
This sounds great! Kinda like those yummy breadsticks pizza places often serve, but with toppings!