Step 2: Top & Tail:

Whip off both ends of your fruit and tip them onto the waiting newspaper. The bottom end can be a bit tough so make sure you remove enough. 
Can't wait to try this technique...thanks for sharing!
Great 'ible. <br>You can also take all the peelings, except the leaves, and throw them in a blender, with a little water, and strain for juice...
I suppose you would just have to make sure you wash the pineapple well first before you started in case they have been sprayed with something.
I've always found that if I don't trim enough of the outer skin off of a pineapple, the flesh in that area (just as in the core) is tougher and ranges from flavorless to bitter...<br><br>Is that limited to the flesh around those brown spots, thus circumvented by this 'ible?<br><br>Or does this technique just add to the size of the edible remains, but leaving bits that are tough and less flavorful?
It really depends on the quality of the pineapple you buy. But this technique has always worked well for me. There is no tough or bitter fruit around the edges. <br><br>Perhaps this is down to taste as I eat the core as well. But I eat every bit of an apple, pear and eat the skin of kiwi fruit as well. <br><br>So try it out and see how it goes.
not only does it look pretty, the name of this instructable is fun to say, too. :D

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