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Make a book safe with a secret compartment that needs a key to open it.

I made my first book safe when I was about 10.  I still have it, and although it's pretty rough, it still does exactly what it's supposed to - hide things :) 

I now own a lot of books so it's pretty easy to hide my little safe amongst the other ones on the shelf -  (even my wife doesn't know which one it is!).    If you only have a few books on your shelf though,  then you could be in trouble as there's a chance that someone might come along and find it. 

I waned to improve on my original one so decided to add an extra secret section which would need a key to open.  The extra section is located behind the initial"safe" in the book, and is kept hidden by the home-made lock and key.  

It's quite an easy project, it just takes some time and patience preparing the book.

Here's a short video

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Step 1: Things You'll Need

Picture of Things You'll Need

1.  A Book.  Try and find a large one with a lot of pages.  It's easiest if you have a book with very thick pages but if you don't it will still work fine.

2.  Copper tube - 3mm ID

3.  Copper tube - 4mm ID

4.  Copper plate - 20mm wide

5 Copper plate - 6mm wide

6.  2 x Small bolts and nuts

1.  Copper wire - 1.2 mm thick

2.  Copper tube - 3mm thick

3.  Small copper washer


1.  Dremmel

2. Tin snips

3.  Stanley knife

4.  Wood glue

5.  Paper glue

6.  Super glue

7.  Ruler

8.  Small blow torch
SaxonL5 months ago

Awesome! This is a great design and a brilliant idea, definitely one of the the best instructables author I've seen!

lonesoulsurfer (author)  SaxonL5 months ago

Cheers! It was a really fun build.

abathe11 year ago
or unscrew the lock while I'm on the subject of using a screwdriver? all I'm asking is why not pull a lock tumbler out of a padlock or something so you can use a real key?
lonesoulsurfer (author)  abathe11 year ago

The whole thing is made from paper so if you really wanted to you could just rip the thing open. I don't think adding a tumbler lock would help that much.

It's not meant to be Fort Knox, just somewhere to hide sh*&.

lonesoulsurfer, my grandfather once told me "A wink is as good as a nod to a BLIND mule". Anyway, that is a class piece of work.

dryan221 year ago
Just skip the lock altogether. The idea of a book safe is to be able to hide your valuables inside something that looks inconspicuous.

Really, that's what you take away from this creation?

hluke11 year ago
This is awesome and creative! I cant believe people are picking this apart when there are instructables like "duct tape pencil grips" that they could be trolling. This however is too cool
lonesoulsurfer (author)  hluke11 year ago

Thanks dude.

Don't diss the duct tape pencil grip - that's damn genius ;)

kracken421 year ago

Cool! Just voted!

lonesoulsurfer (author)  kracken421 year ago

Muchas Gracias :)

Nice work! I think the compartment inside a compartment idea is cool, nice instructable.
lonesoulsurfer (author)  mmarrington1 year ago


misko131 year ago

I think it's great too. I've never made a hollow book because I've always been afraid that someone could open it and take what's inside of it, but now the problem is solved. In fact, I think the mechanism and the key are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

lonesoulsurfer (author)  misko131 year ago

Anytime - thanks for looking.

hammer98761 year ago

I think it is great. If I accidentally picked up that book, I would think, oh, cool. Nice hidden compartment.

lonesoulsurfer (author)  hammer98761 year ago


'You could also use this to shoplift stuff!'
abathe11 year ago
can't I just use a flathead driver to open it