Introduction: Super Secret Safe

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Step 1: Supplies

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A screw driver or pocket knife

And the stuff you want to hide

Step 2: Opening the Safe

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Unscrew the cable/phone outlet and remove the cover

Step 3: Putting the Goods In

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Now once you unscrewed the panel you can now put your documents inside


Hirntod (author)2014-12-23

Isnt that very... unsafe?

i mean all that thin cables... electricity and stuff?

eruger (author)Hirntod2014-12-28

Good question though :)

It's always good to ask first when there's wires involved, if you don't know. Better to be cautious of something that's actually harmless than to start a fire or get someone hurt.

jetpower (author)Hirntod2014-12-25

While it would be unsafe to do this with electrical boxes, telco/network/cable signals use very low voltage, and dry bills aren't good conductors. Therefore, this passes the human and product safety tests.

If you're handy with home carpentry, you can also replace the standard box with one that provides more storage space.

okoshima (author)2014-12-15

idea older than the internet.... seriously

eruger (author)okoshima2014-12-22

Instructables isn't just about new ideas. It's more about good tutorials on how to do things, which this is. Also, have you read the 'be nice' policy okoshima? Your comment wasn't very nice.

Catalysist (author)eruger2014-12-28

Exactly, I now know how to unscrew screws for example.

Oh, wait...

eruger (author)Catalysist2014-12-28

It bugs me that some people are kind-of snobbish about other folks' abilities and such on this site, when it's a site about improving people's knowledge. It's like a body-builder making someone out-of-shape feel unwelcome at the gym, when the out-of-shape people actually have more need to be there in the first place.

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